Frankford discusses renovations

Frankford Town Council met on Monday, Aug. 3 for their monthly meeting, discussing a number of issues pertinent to the town.

Much of the meetings discussion centered on the town’s contracted plans to renovate, and update the town’s sewer plant — advancing it to a full water treatment facility. Complications with the contractors, and the ensuing litigation, have both held up the renovations, and inflated the already large bills associated with the renovations.

The town continues to make payments on government grants, which were approved at the launch of the project, but has seen little in the way of progress. A public meeting will be held on Aug. 25 at the Frankford Fire Hall to meet with engineers, and hopefully state officials, in an effort to advance the project and resolve the town’s financial concerns related to the water plant.

Frankford also met with Richard Skilton of Southern Corrosion Incorporated (SCI); a North Carolina-based water tower cleaning and maintenance company. Skilton investigated the Frankford water tower, and discovered a number of concerns due to deterioration of the tower, such as faulty venting, and corrosion.

If the town accepts SCI’s contract, SCI will be tasked with full maintenance of the tower, including annual inspections, repairs to rust and corrosion, maintenance of the foundations and cleaning and painting the tower. SCI will also make sure that the tower meets OSHA (Occupational Saftey and Health Association) standards, and will be contractually obligated to maintain the tank.

Town officials have also been hard at work drafting a land development plan for future expansion of the town. Updates have been made to many of the town’s ordinances, and an environmental protection plan has been set up to ensure that the town’s natural resources are maintained.

Under the new plan, modifications have been made to many of the town’s fees and permits to ensure that future development is not made at the expense of the town. The new plan is currently under review by town council, and information on that plan can be found at town hall.