Fleet of floaters returning for Fenwick Island boat parade

This weekend, the Fenwick Island Yacht Club will host the fourth annual Fenwick Island Boat Parade, as participants take to the water and decorate their vessels to make a splash with the judges and viewers alike.

On Saturday, Aug. 15, at 5 p.m., the boats begin their cruise along same route as last year, starting from the north end of Seal Island, just off of Schultz Road in Fenwick Island. They will continue out into the lagoon at Bayard Street Extended before traveling up the north side of West Virginia, past Catch 54 and Harpoon Hannah’s and returning to Seal Island.

“We’re hoping a lot of people come out this year,” said Gail Warburton, orchestrator of the event. “We usually have a lot of people come out and watch and wave to the boats as they go by. It’s a fun time for everybody.”

The public is always encouraged to come out and cheer for their favorite boat in the parade. While pontoons are the most popular type of boats in the parade, it is open to all kinds of watercraft, including canoes and personal watercraft.

Each year, the boats are decorated in a specific theme. Last year’s “What’s Your Fantasy?” theme was seen as a great success, as boaters lived out their greatest dreams on the water. This year, entrants will style their boats after their favorite television commercials.

“People really get into decorating the different themes,” Warburton added. “The boats always look really nice as they go by.”

Registration has been climbing this week, and is expected to pick up even further as the date draws nearer.

The boat parade is one of several social events the Fenwick Island Yacht Club puts together each year.

“We have a bonfire and kayak and sailboat races,” said Warburton, ”and we always welcome new membership.”

Members of the Fenwick Island Yacht Club do not need to be residents of Fenwick Island. For more information about the yacht club or for membership information, contact Gail Warburton at (302) 539-6467 or Holly Frederick at (302) 381-4407.