Fenwick moves forward on legislation

Fenwick Island Town Council members this week held a first reading for an amendment to Chapter 116, regarding concessions and outdoor sales within town limits.

The amendment adds “unless such activity is approved by the town council” regarding soliciting sales on public streets and beaches within town limits. The council also created a new section of Chapter 100, Licensing, to go with that, adding a sentence about concessions.

“We created this in case, possibly, in the future, if concessions are allowed, that they be licensed,” explained Councilman Bill Weistling.

At their Aug. 29 meeting, the council also adopted a zoning ordinance to regulate residential wind turbines and towers within town limits.

Although originally proposed with a maximum allowable height of 40 feet, the council ultimately voted 6-1 to cap it at 33 feet. The ordinance also states that the base of the tower has to be set back from all property lines, public rights of way and public utility lines a distance equal to 1.1 times the total height. There a just handful of lots in the town that would be able to meet all the requirements.

The council also adopted a change to Chapter 15 regarding council vacancies and forfeitures. They deleted the original chapter and replaced it with a new chapter that outlines what happens to council seats in the case of death, incapacity, resignation or forfeiture.

They added a section specifying that a forfeiture will occur if a council member fails to attend three regular town council meetings per fiscal year without being excused by a council vote.

The council also passed on a second reading an amendment to Chapter 73, regarding burning, outdoor and bonfire fee and safety. They removed bonfire fees from the ordinance and added them to the fee schedule so an ordinance change would not be necessary every time a fee changed, and they raised the fines regarding bonfires from $50 to $100.

In other news from the Aug. 29 Fenwick Island council meeting:

• West Essex Street Extension, West Farmington Street Extension, Virginia Avenue Extension and West West Virginia Avenue, after having been named areas of concern after meeting with the Sussex County Mapping and Addressing Departments, have been re-named. Residents met with Town Manager Win Abbott several times to discuss potential changes. The streets are now named Ensign Street, Windward Way, High Tide Lane, and West Virginia Avenue West, respectively.

“Not everybody’s happy, but most are OK,” said Abbott, to laughter. Councilwoman Vicki Carmean voted “no” to the change, and said “I live on one of them and [my neighbors] are horrified.” She said they had picked a different name but there was a development in the works with a street name that they liked already, so they had to change it.

Abbott said the county plans to bring letters to the doors of each home affected and the town will be sending information out to get emergency contact information.

• Abbot also reported that Allied Waste, the new curbside recycling contractor, followed DSWA, the former contractor, to get a feel for the route and will be responding quickly to those in need of bins who have not signed up yet.

• Lifeguards will be on duty for Labor Day weekend and for the two weekends after Labor Day, but only in town limits. FIBP Capt. Tim Ferry thanked the council for their contribution to travel expenses for the squad to attend the national championships of the U.S. Lifeguarding Association.

• Police Chief William Boyden reported that some bikes have been stolen in the past few weeks and reminded residents to lock up personal property.

• The annual Coastal Cleanup is set for Saturday, Sept. 19, at Dagsboro Street. Participants are urged to register early to get a T-shirt.