It’s the season to offer thanks

Yup, it’s that time of the year again.

It’s the time when we’re supposed to mentally push aside those day-to-day trials and tribulations in our lives that invade our minds throughout the rest of the year and focus instead on the bigger picture — the actual people who touch you in ways that are far too often taken for granted. Now, when I say, “the actual people who touch you,” I don’t mean strangers on the bus who...

But I digress.

This is the time to evaluate our respective lives, take stock of those things and people around us and offer thanks to those who make our lives a little better — simply by being who they are.

For instance, I’m thankful for Jamie, who puts up with my nonsense and general air of grumpiness on a day-to-day basis. Speaking of nonsense, I’m even somewhat thankful for my dogs, Bailey and Guinness. They can make my head turn around in circles that would make an orthopedist wince, but they’ve also added a lot to my life, and never fail to make me feel appreciated when I walk in the door.

I’m thankful for our nation’s politicians. People sometimes lose sight of the fact that newspapers were created simply to inform the people of what’s going on, but the partisan nonsense from Republican and Democrat leaders keeps news organizations on point for at least some current events, and offers the voyeur in all of us insight into the childish and unproductive behavior of the people we vote into office. Plus, sometimes there isn’t a good game on television, and the rivalries on Capitol Hill keep the blood flowing for me.

I’m thankful for M. Patricia Titus, Ryan Saxton, Maria Counts, Jesse Pryor, Bob Bertram, Jaime McNamee, Shaun Lambert, Chris Allen, Susan Mutz, Jane Johnson and all the people who work so hard to make the Coastal Point the best it can be. There’s a lot of pride in this office, and those people who put in the long hours are determined to be the best they can be every day.

I’m thankful for my family — yes, even my little sister. It’s nice to have someone in your corner to call no matter what is going on in your life. Oh, there are times they say things I don’t really want to hear, but that’s part of family, too.

I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to get to know Leo Brady, who passed away this spring. To say I respected Leo would be an understatement. He was the rare breed of man who could make me laugh one second and get lost in deep thought the next. He’ll be missed, but I think my life was made a little better just for having known him.

I’m thankful for Andy Lyons. For the past six-plus years we’ve joked that Andy is Susan’s nighttime husband, and I am her daytime husband. Trust me, I’m thankful to hand over the reins at the end of the day.

Tee hee.

I’m extremely thankful for Susan Lyons. She is a terrific partner, a brilliant publisher and, most importantly, a lifetime friend. We’ve traveled to Ireland together, shared cocktails and discussed just about every part of our respective lives. It’s rare to find a friend who you are as devoted to as I am Susan, but that’s what happens when you have as much respect for someone as I do her.

She rocks.

I’m thankful that the Baltimore Orioles have stopped breaking my heart every year. Hey, I don’t expect anything from them anymore. No expectations, no broken heart.

I’m thankful for guys’ night every other Friday. Some cards, a few beverages and plenty of laughs guaranteed every time. You can count on it.

I’m thankful that the volume has been turned down on the rancor amongst members of the Ocean View Town Council. Oh, there are still some disagreements and personality differences, but that’s how government is supposed to operate — we don’t want robots who all believe the same thing, right? But I’m extremely thankful that the childish behavior seems to have been put on the shelf.

I’m thankful that the dune was put in place in Bethany Beach. Oh, that storm could have been much worse for the town.

I’m thankful for the readers and advertisers who have been so loyal to the Coastal Point. It has been our goal since we started this paper to truly be part of this community, and all of you have made us feel that way.

For that, I’m thankful.