I'll leave Tiger alone for now.

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger.

Coastal Point • Jesse Pryor
You know, I’ve always admired how well Tiger Woods has kept his personal life separate from the entity that is Tiger Woods the professional golfer. Oh, we’ve all been allowed little glimpses into his background and it was obvious to the world that he has always been close with his parents. We were told of the arrival of his children via his Web site, and he partially opened the curtain on his life to the cameras of “60 Minutes” a while back, but all of these little snippets always seemed a little contrived and controlled.

And I appreciated that.

I get tired of celebrities sharing every detail of their lives via Twitter or by planting stories in the tabloids to up their visibility. I don’t care what actors think politically, or who athletes are dating or whether or not some yahoo singer is wearing britches when she goes out drinking in a short skirt. Tiger stubbornly protecting his privacy always seemed like a good thing to me and, for the most part, the media kind of let him have his way with it.

Not now. Nope, the vultures are circling and people seem to be taking a perverted glee in seeing something in Tiger’s life not be 100 percent perfect. Yes, the American public loves little more than building up celebrities to the status of treasured icon — except tearing them back down and taking pleasure at their woes.

I’m going to stay away from this one. Whatever happened that night/morning will eventually come out in the public. These things have a way of revealing themselves over time. But I’m not going to touch it. He hasn’t forced his private life on me, and I’ll respect that.

I had a great day Sunday.

Well, it was a great day after the first hour or so. The sound of my alarm clock going off at 5:30 on a Sunday morning, coupled with the snoring pug unfortunately sharing my pillow, created a dark mood in my head as I stumbled to the shower. A quick glance into the mirror while I was brushing my teeth did little to improve my disposition, and the hurried last-second packing before I raced out the door only made me a little more hostile as I backed out the driveway.

But then it was a good day. My friend Gary had secured tickets to the Eagles-Redskins game that afternoon, and our plans had us continuing on to Atlantic City after the game to hit the tables and restaurants.

We did the tailgating thing with a few thousand Eagles fans, grilled up some burgers and shrimp and basically got into the mood of the day by enjoying the near-tribal traditions of tailgating.

Now, for the record, I’ve been to a few Eagles games in my life. Though I’m a die-hard Ravens fan, I’ve had a soft spot for the Eagles for several years, since I went to college in Philly and worked there for a while. However, my previous experience attending Eagles games was at Veterans Stadium, a venue known as much for rude and violent behavior by its fans as it was for the games that took place on the field.

But it’s a little different now at Lincoln Financial Field. For starters, it’s a beautiful stadium with all the modern ammenities, and it’s hard not to just stand there being impressed by the design of the stadium. And, I’m not sure if it’s the increased cost of tickets keeping out some of the true-green Eagles fans, but the general behavior was a little better, as well. Oh, there were some profanities bellowed at anybody walking around with a Redskins jersey on, but it was usually said with a smile, and the retorts fired back came with a good-natured feeling, too. Of course, I was situated pretty close to a beer stand, so everyone seemed pretty happy and content to me. Like, there was one game I went to and ...

But I digress.

Overall, it was a great experience. We had a lot of laughs, saw some sloppy, but competitive, football and made our way down the road to Atlantic City.

Gary had a bunch of comp dollars at the casino we stayed at, so we got a great steak dinner on the house and hit the tables. Well, to be honest, the tables hit me, but I beat up a slot machine pretty good at the end of the night to get back to even, my Ravens beat the Steelers and the day came to a peaceful end when my tired body hit the sheets.

Ah, sleep. It was good to just enjoy a restful night. Something, I’d guess, Tiger won’t be having for a while.