A new year and new resolutions

Ah, the new year is now upon us.

There’s something refreshing about that, isn’t there? The concept of ditching the old calendar and all that it represented and flipping open that brand new (Coastal Point) calendar and its untouched pages can feel like a cleansing of your mental state. It’s a do-over. A fresh lease on life.

And 2009 was a tough year on many. The economy dumped, tragedies seemed to happen on an all-too-regular basis and the Baltimore Orioles once again relegated themselves to the bottom portion of all professional sports franchises. But tough years happen. There’s really no avoiding them, and all we can do is learn from them, accept what’s happened and leap into 2010 with a positive outlook and a realistic plan.

That’s where resolutions come into play. Now, the word “resolution” is often met with a snicker or a knowing look. We all know that they are made with the best of intentions, but we also know that Congress is filled with people who started out with good intentions but often regress into the status quo of being errand boys for special interest groups and...

But I digress.

Personally, I’m excited about all that 2010 has to offer. Last year was rough. Plain and simple. Some of the magic that envelops this entire community was diminished because of the economy and other factors. I had some health and family issues that put a drain on me, and none of those special miracle hair products put a single piece of hair on my head.

But I’m excited for the fresh start. And I’m optimistic about this year’s resolutions. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at where I hope I’m going this year.

I resolve to get in better shape this year. I lost a pretty good amount of weight this past year, but didn’t do too much as far as actually getting in shape. This is the year I put down the remote and ... hmm. Well, I’ll keep the remote in my hand but I’ll also try to figure out a way to be in tip-top shape by doing curls with it or something.

I resolve to help my reporters keep improving. This staff is good. And they all want to get better. I’m going to try to provide them with whatever they need to get there.

I resolve to stop chasing draws on the poker table. Well, unless the percentages are right and the expected value makes it ... no. I’m done chasing draws.

I resolve to do a little better this year as far as being green. I’ve made a few small steps this year, but not nearly far enough. The world’s pretty important, and it’s time I open up my eyes and start caring a little more.

I resolve to stop cussing and throwing things at the television while watching sports. And game shows. And the news. And test patterns. Let’s just make this a little more broad. I resolve to stop throwing things at my television.

I resolve to go kayaking more this year. From what I’ve experienced, it’s absolutely wonderful. This year I plan to experience it much more frequently.

I resolve to be a better big brother to my sister. I have a responsibility to be a shoulder for her in tough times, to be a supporter during the good times and to just generally be a person she can turn to whenever and wherever she finds a need. Well, let’s start out slowly. It’s been 36 years of making her life miserable at every turn and I can’t just flip the script that quickly. I resolve to stop mailing her tiny bags of dog poop. We’ll try to take another step next year.

I resolve to do a better job of hearing out people when they have a different opinion than mine — even if those opinions are uninformed and worthless. Joking aside, I’ve been on a personal lifetime quest to gain knowledge. I’ll never get there if I don’t give full time and proper respect to different opinions. I’ve noticed that my stances on many issues have changed over the years as I’ve gained life experience. It’s close-minded to not listen and understand why people feel the way they do.

I resolve to do a better job of staying in touch with my old friends. One buddy of mine in Atlanta calls me every couple weeks to check in with me, and I can’t think of the last time I made the call to him. That will change this year.

I resolve to be better. That’s an ongoing project.