Frankford to hold water plant progress meeting

On Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 2 p.m., a water plant progress meeting will be held at Frankford Town Hall. This will be the second progress meeting for the plant. Engineer Steve Lewandowski of Crone will head the meeting, along with representatives from Shoreline Construction, as well as water plant liaison and Town Council Vice-President Jesse Truitt. Subcontractors may also be in attendance.

“It’s a progress meeting to report back from the last meeting what has transposed over the past thirty days,” explained Town Administrator Terry Truitt.

Crone has been on-site in Frankford since November, with a projected nine-month completion date scheduled for August 2010. At the Jan. 20 meeting, Crone will give status updates for the plant, such as the order progress of the plant’s greensand filters.

“These meetings are for communication between the contractor to meet with the engineer and the town council,” explained Truitt, saying Shoreline would be providing information to the town, such as giving accountability as to where they stand to date on the project. “If they’ve having any problems, that sort of thing,” she noted.

The meeting will run about 40 minutes to an hour, Truitt estimated. The public can attend, she noted, but the forum is designed strictly for the contractor to meet with the engineer and the town council. Those in attendance from the public will not be able to ask questions.

For more information, call Frankford Town Hall at (302) 732-9424.