Ladies Auxiliary holding Easter candy sale

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Millville Volunteer Fire Company will be holding a homemade Easter candy sale at the fire hall Saturday, March 27, starting at noon.

The ladies do a wide variety of fundraisers to ultimately give back to the firefighters.

“I’ve been in the auxiliary for 11 years now and we do this twice a year and then we have other projects we do throughout the year, such as chicken box sales and yard sales,” said Trudi Lombardi, a member of the Ladies Auxiliary.

“We’re there to support the men,” said Rose Albert, chairmen of the Ways and Means Committee. “If they have a nighttime fire, if necessary, men are working out on the fire. It’s a terribly dangerous job and we’re there to support them. When they come back, especially if it’s a long, drawn out fire, we make sandwiches and whatnot. We’re basically a support group for the men.“

Albert joined the organization almost 13 years ago, when she moved to Delaware from Baltimore, stating, “I wanted to just help my community.”

In past years the Ladies fundraisers have allowed them to purchase whatever the company needs, such as new tables and chairs.

The group has been selling candy on and off since 1994. All the Easter candy is made and stored in the fire hall until the big sale. So far, the ladies have made over 300 eggs, and they’re still going.

“Everyone pitches in. We either work it in the mornings or we come in the evenings and do all the preparation” Lombardi said.

“We’ve been at it three weeks and we do it every day. Some during the day sometimes at night,” said Albert, “Some of the women work so they can’t come out during the day, so we have a nighttime shift.“

The Ladies took preorders for candy up until March 18 and had over 25 orders.

They will be selling half-pound Easter eggs, peanut butter balls, peanut brittle, chocolate pretzels, chocolate lollipops and more. Prices range from 75 cents to $6.50.

The recipes for all the goodies come from different places and are split between Albert and Lombardi.

“Rose Albert has the recipes for the eggs and the cadies that we make. And I have the recipe for the peanut brittle we make. I got that from Virginia where I get the peanuts,” Lombardi said.

The group hopes the fundraiser will be a success and help them support their fire hall. No matter what the outcome, the ladies have enjoyed the process.

“We just get pleasure in it,” Albert said.