Fab Report: Every day is a walk on the red carpet

Have you ever looked at those glossy pictures in magazines, with celebrities posing in exquisite, sparkling gowns at movie premieres?

Coastal Point • Submitted: Veronica Townsend and prom date James Bunting on the red carpet at Indian River’s Prom 2010. This year’s prom was themed, ‘A Night in the Spotlight.’Coastal Point • Submitted
Veronica Townsend and prom date James Bunting on the red carpet at Indian River’s Prom 2010. This year’s prom was themed, ‘A Night in the Spotlight.’

Well, the dress may be expensive and extravagant, the celebrity may have spent hours on her towering hairstyle, and the delicate little dazzling shoes could exude all kinds of fabulousness, but it’s all nothing until that superstar stands on the very fabric of high society and glamour itself – the red carpet. The red carpet represents all that is glorious, excessive, and, in short, if you really want to make an entrance, then you need to be atop a red carpet.

As president of my junior class at Indian River, I was privileged with the experience of planning this year’s junior-senior prom, held May 1. Not only did I get to organize every step along the way, sell tickets and set up the country club with all of our decorations, but I was able to choose the theme.

The 2010 prom attendees got to experience “A Night in the Spotlight” – a theme that took them out of Delaware and into a Hollywood premiere where the Grand March led them right down – you guessed it – a red carpet.

Now, when I have crazy daydreams about life one day as a big-time fashion mogul with my own company, magazine and, eventually, a talk show, I always picture myself wearing one of my own designs and strutting in them along a red carpet.

There’s just something completely fascinating about the concept of one material making such a big statement. To me, a red carpet is more than just a rug, but when you’re walking along one, your confidence level goes through the roof.

Those celebrities posing in designer gowns in Hollywood ooze confidence as they completely own the red carpet, and during my prom’s Grand March, when my name was called and my date escorted me along the glam fabric, I felt completely more than fabulous, I felt self assurance

Confidence is one of those things you aren’t born with, and, to me, it is the greatest fashion statement of them all.

An extremely confident person once said, “To wish you were someone else is to waste the person that you are.”

I feel that when you are confident, the world is your oyster, and absolutely anything is possible. Believing in yourself and knowing that you are fab can transform any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary – even sweatpants!

By shopping around for my prom dress and helping my fabulous date, James, with his tuxedo, I was able to have the pleasure of dropping by some stores around here that I didn’t even know existed. We purchased my date’s tux at Lennox East Beach Bride in Fenwick Island, where we got to sort through hundreds of fabrics and I got to look at hundreds of beautiful dresses hanging throughout the store.

Although prom season is over, if you are looking for a place to get your wedding dress, soon-to-be summer brides, it’s a good place to look!

By dressing to match James perfectly, I learned that sometimes your date can be your best accessory. And, although I’m sure he probably would never admit it, when he was all dressed up and looking fancy, his confidence level peaked.

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from fearing to be wrong,” is not only a quote from another wise person, but a good mantra to live by. If you always live inside the box, color inside the lines and continue with the daily grind of your life, will you ever know what your true potential really is?

True fashion greats aren’t afraid to take risks and do what they feel in their heart is their own personal style. So, how do you obtain confidence? You can’t go to the store and purchase it, that’s for sure.

Live every day like you’re one of those celebrities walking down the red carpet! Imagining feeling all eyes on you, the paparazzo’s lights flashing in your eyes and hearing the pleased murmurs of the crowd in your head will make you feel one of a kind.

Veronica Townsend is a student at Indian River High School, where she is also junior-class president in 2009-2010. She was named Teen Miss Millsboro in 2009 and Miss Mid-Atlantic’s Outstanding Teen 2010. She aspires to earn a degree in fashion and business and to become a fashion designer/editor.