Frankford approves 'Praise in the Park'

The Frankford Town Council held its monthly meeting on Monday, May 3. At the meeting, the Rev. Kim Tephabock of Dagsboro Church of God approached council about the church’s desire to use the town’s park to hold a community-night event called “Praise in the Park,” on Saturday, June 26.

“The churches of the community have an opportunity to bring talent, whether it be song or dance, and present it together,” explained Tephabock of the event. “We’re hoping to have a big event where churches in the community can get better acquainted with each other… with the purpose of becoming more united to work in the community, to serve the community.”

Tephabock offered his church’s congregation to help prepare the grounds. He noted that the church was willing to spruce up and maintain the park, be it with painting or repairs – however the council might request.

The event would feature music and would have cookout-style food available for those who attend. The event would also offer a display area of community-oriented resources. Tephabock said he believed a few hundred people would attend the event, at most.

Councilman Vincent Leon-Check, who has been vocal about having the park better used within the community, was open to having the event.

Councilman Jesse Truitt openly voiced his concern, stating there may be noise complaints, as well as the negative impact the high level of foot traffic could have on the park’s grass.

“Think about 200 people stomping on that grass. I don’t think the park’s big enough to fit 200 people,” said Truitt.

Mayor Greg Johnson said he was in favor of accepting Tephabock’s request, saying, “I think that anything we can do to get the community together would be a good thing.”

All council members except Truitt were in favor of the community event, with a vote of 4-1 to permit it to be held in the park.

In other Frankford news:

• Officials reported that people have been spotted driving four-wheelers on roads throughout the town. They are asking residents who see such activity to call town hall or the police so that they perpetrators may be apprehended.

• The home at 12 Mill Street was inspected and found to be a dangerous structure. “It is in severe disrepair and needs to be demolished,” said Councilwoman Cheryl Workman. The town plans to notify the property owner so that proper action may be taken.

• The council received a letter of thanks for their $250 donation to Friends of the Orphans for earthquake relief in Haiti.

• The next town council meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 7, at 7 p.m. in Frankford Town Hall.