Millville to hold town-wide yard sale Saturday

On Saturday, July 3, from 8 a.m. to noon, the Town of Millville will hold its first community-wide yard sale and merchant sidewalk sale.

Mayor Don Minyon has been planning the event for a few months and said this week that he hopes that its success will enable it to be an annual town happening.

“I’d like it to be every year,” said Minyon. “Because it is the biggest weekend in the summer, there’ll be a lot of yard sales and a lot of people in town. I think it’s a benefit to the town, because people want to have yard sales. They’re a vital part of the history of this area.”

Minyon did remind residents, however, that signage rules and regulations are still in effect for the four-hour shop-fest. Yard-sale signs are not permitted on utility poles, stop signs or any other permanent signage.

“The signage rules will still be in place. The [yard sale] signs have to be on your own property. Because of new rules from the state, county and town, they’re unable to do signs like they used to,” he explained. “So this gives everybody at least one time a year where they can come down here or stay at their home and legally have a yard sale. Hopefully, everybody will make out.”

Residents and businesses are welcome to set-up on their own properties or join in with neighbors to sell goods. If a resident’s property is not readily accessible to the public, Minyon said they’re welcome to bring a table to town hall.

“Really, if their property is available and viewable from a major road, they can do it on their own property. We’re only asking people to bring their tables here if they’re in a cul-de-sac or just some obscure street,” he said.

Minyon said he hopes the event will bring some attention to the town and perhaps have visitors see the town a little more than when they just pass through to drive to the beach.

“I’m expecting people just using our town as a way to get to Bethany to stop here, look around and maybe like what they see,” he said.

The community yard sale will also be benefiting the Town of Millville itself, as some proceeds will be donated to a town safety program.

“Part of the yard sale proceeds we raise will be going to help fund our Neighborhood Watch program,” said Minyon. “The Millville Volunteers are going to set up some tables here, as well, and most of them are going to donate whatever they make to the volunteer group. So, hopefully, we’ll make a little bit of money here as well.”

For more information on the yard sale, call Millville town hall at (302) 539-0449.