Ocean View, Millville to discuss public safety

Those interested in listening in on public safety discussions between the towns of Ocean View and Millville will get their chance on Tuesday, July 6, at 6 p.m., when representatives from the Millville and Ocean View town councils will meet in a joint workshop to discuss “the providing of public safety services to the Town of Millville from the Town of Ocean View.”

Ocean View Mayor Gordon Wood said more than a year ago that “the ball” was “in Millville’s court” concerning any action on the issue. At the May 12, 2009, Ocean View Town Council meeting, Wood concluded a positive vote on whether the town was open to such discussions with the comment: “4-0, and we wait for Millville.”

Comments from Ocean View residents at the May 2009 council meeting ran the gamut from those who said they believed it was a good idea to a decidedly more conservative approach from those who suggested making the town’s borders more concrete as far as police service was concerned – and not extending any sort of help outside town limits.

At their May meeting this year, Ocean View officials voted on a “resolution to authorize the mayor and one other member of the town council, supported by the town manager, the chief of police and the finance director, to meet with the mayor of Millville pursuant to their request to discuss the details of Ocean View’s possibly providing public safety services to the Town of Millville.”

Also in May, Millville Town Manager Debbie Botchie said Millville officials were simply “exploring opportunities to reduce cost and improve response time” from their paid, part-time state police coverage – emphasizing that no agreements had been made.

This week, Wood said, “In good faith, two parties are going to explore an idea.”

The joint workshop is set for Tuesday, July 6, at 6 p.m. at Ocean View town hall, at 32 West Avenue in Ocean View.