Kohr Bros. comes to Bethany Beach

For many, a day at the beach just isn’t the same without a frosty treat. And now Bethany Beach-goers have a new choice in sweet desserts: Kohr Bros. on the corner of Garfield Parkway and Atlantic Avenue.

Coastal Point • Chris Clark: A Kohr Bros. employee, serves up some frozen custard.Coastal Point • Chris Clark
A Kohr Bros. employee, serves up some frozen custard.

This Kohr Bros. location opened the last weekend in June, and is new to Bethany Beach, but not new to the Delmarva shore. According to the company’s Web site, there are three locations in Rehoboth Beach and two in Ocean City.
Landra Melvin is the assistant manager of the Bethany location and has been with Kohr Bros. for nine years. She said opening a store here seemed like a no-brainer.

“We figured it would be a good location and it would do very well,” she said.

Kohr Bros. specializes in frozen custard, but Melvin says theirs is different.

“Most frozen custard is not light. Ours is light,” she said.

The Kohr Bros. Web site claims that Kohr custard is the original frozen custard, and was originally invented in 1919 and sold at Coney Island in New York. Now, Kohr Bros. has over 30 locations in eight states.

Melvin said the difference between traditional ice cream and frozen custard is the ingredients they contain. Both are dairy products, but ice cream is made from milk and sugar, while custard is made from cream and eggs. And Bethany Beach customers seem to be enjoying this lighter version.

“I think they like it a lot,” said Ariana Anderson, an “ice cream girl” at Kohr Bros.

She said the most popular flavor seems to be the peanut butter and chocolate twist. Other flavors of custard include vanilla and orange sherbert, coffee and caramel, mint and chocolate and traditional chocolate and vanilla. Each flavor can also be served individually.

There’s a variety of choices of cones and toppings, and plenty of options to keep every one smiling. Melvin said in the fall, they will also introduce a pumpkin spice flavor to the menu.

Brian Nelson of Baltimore, Md., said his 11-year-old daughter Sarah picked Kohr Bros. for her afternoon snack.

“She walked past all those other places to come here,” he said.
Coastal Point • Chris Clark: Sarah Nelson enjoys her frozen custard twist.Coastal Point • Chris Clark
Sarah Nelson enjoys her frozen custard twist.

And cone in hand, she had a big smile on her face.

“It’s good,” she said.

And Melvin said making people happy with the product is what it’s all about.

“We want to be part of your vacation,” she said.