Business expansion all in the family for McCarthys

For close to a decade, McCarthy Stones has been one of the area’s leaders in exterior home improvements and landscaping, but recently they’ve expanded their services to cater to even more clients. Customers can now turn to the McCarthys for equipment rentals, as well as tent and tent accessory rentals for any occasion.

“We wanted to bring more to our customers,” noted Zach McCarthy, son of McCarthy Stones owner Michael McCarthy. “The services we offer now are complementary to what my father has established here years ago.”

Coastal Point • Chris Clark: The crew at Coastal Rentals & Hydraulics pose next to their truck, which they use to transport the various tents and other rentals they rent to small business owners and party throwers.Coastal Point • Chris Clark: The crew at Coastal Rentals & Hydraulics pose next to their truck, which they use to transport the various tents and other rentals they rent to small business owners and party throwers.Equipment rentals, including everything needed to prune a lawn or fix up a home, from power washers to tillers, are now available at McCarthy.

“We offer everything that homeowners or small contractors are looking for,” Zach McCarthy added. “Anymore, it’s too expensive to go out and buy something on your own. This whole area is based around tourism and home building, and we saw that there was absolutely a need for the rental business. It was a no-brainer.”

The equipment rental is overseen by Michael McCarthy’s business partners, Lou Vickers, Hank Cornell and Lisa Travalini.

Zach McCarthy, his sister Caitlin and business partner Joe Garner spearhead CRH Tented Events DE, which has been sprucing up get-togethers and events since they opened this past spring.

“Joe and I have really gone out and taken this on,” said Zach. “We traveled to Tennessee, Wisconsin and other places to learn exactly how tent rental businesses operate. There was a big learning curve, and we’re still learning.”

But already business is booming, with dozens of events under their belts over the past three months. “We still anticipate a lot of growth,” he added.

“We can do it all,” Garner said, “from 50th birthdays and anniversaries to setting up chairs and tents for weddings on the beach and bridal showers. There’s no limit for the business.”

Tented Events DE has assembled tents for graduation parties and fundraising events, as well. They have plenty to keep them busy, too, including assembly for the Dogfish Dash 5K/10K Fundraiser in late September. Vista Frame, all-purpose and Century Mate tents range in sizes for appropriate accommodations and varying party sizes.

But the business is much more than tents, tables and chairs. Linens and light fixtures are available, too. Availability of an oak wood dance floor aims to ensure guests and party-goers have an unforgettable time. Tented Events DE can even recommend party-related vendors, from D.J.’s to bakers. And a recently added P.A. system, with microphones, input for MP3 players, instruments and tape and CD players, could be the ticket to a lively party.

“You really need two mindsets in this business to balance everything,” explained Zach McCarthy. “We want to be a jack of all trades – the place where you can come for everything. We’re the next generation coming up, and my father has does a lot for people in community. We’re trying to raise the bar and see how we can make people’s lives easier.

“Now, we have so much more than stone and mulch. A young couple can come to us because they want to get married and need our services for their wedding. Then, we’re the ones they come to when they get their first house, from landscaping to construction. Then, years down the road, they’ll return because their kid is having a birthday party. We can be helping them through their entire lives. We do it all here.”

After establishing relationships with customers and clients over the years, Mark McCarthy noticed people were asking him for odds-and-ends tasks around the house.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time that people come into our shop,” he noted, “they are looking for ideas. By adding these services, we’re enabling ourselves to fill more needs within the community. They may have other problems. Say, they need to get a branch off of the roof of their house. We can provide them with the tools they need. And we work with our customers. We realize that if you’re renting a roto-tiller, you’re not going to necessarily need it for a full day or a half-day. We can rent it out for a few hours.”

“And it’s not just a matter of having the right tools,” said Garner. “We give you the information and directions you need to do it.”

Zach McCarthy acknowledged that by establishing these connections with customers and building relationships, the customers will be more apt to return for their next project or event.

“It’s a gratifying feeling,” he said, “to have people come back to you. There’s no greater reward than being there for someone and helping them out. Customers used to stop in because they wanted something. Now, it’s ‘I need this’ or ‘I need that,’ and we’re here to fill that need. Our community depends on each other to help everyone out where we can. We’re here for everyone.”

Though word-of-mouth is making Tented Events DE a more recognized name, the business itself is one of its best promoters.

“When people see a tent going up next door,” said Michael McCarthy, “they’re curious. It gets people talking and advertises itself.”

McCarthy Stones, along with its equipment rentals and Tented Events DE, are located at 529 Atlantic Avenue in Millville. For more information, call (302) 539-5211 or visit