FOSCL to hold ‘biggest’ book sale

The South Coastal Library will be holding its “highly sought-after” three-day book sale this coming week, Aug. 19- 21.

“It’s just really neat, and it’s a great fundraiser for the library,” said Priscilla Scott, circulation coordinator and publicist for the library. “When we open, people usually are lining up outside of the door, waiting to get in there, because they want to get the first pickings. That’s just another indication of how popular it is.”

The sale will have a couple thousand items for sale this year, from used books to VHS tapes and other types of media.

The library is able to hold its coveted sale through the donations of its patrons.

“I know one person donated 400 books – all fiction. All had only been read one or two times, and that’s just his collection. Most people don’t bring in that number of books to donate, but we have a lot – a lot of books,” said Scott.

The books donated by patrons are either stored away for the book sale or added to the library’s own shelves.

“When someone comes to donate books and they’re in excellent condition, what we do is check our shelves and look at our copy of the item, and if the donated copy is in much better condition than the one we have on our shelves, we would switch it and sell the one on the shelf,” explained Scott.

“The other thing we do, if a person makes a donation of a book that is very popular, we might – depending on the number of copies we’ve already purchased – take and catalogue that additional copy so that there are more copies to go out to patrons.”

The books kept for the book sale are processed and then stored in a shed on the library grounds that is dedicated to that purpose.

“We have a processing library assistant who goes through everything and sorts it. In other words, if it’s paperbacks, hardbacks, fiction, non-fiction... We get a lot of music CDs donated. Whatever it is, she organizes it in such a way so that, when it’s time to set up for the book sale, it’s in boxes that can be put along side where the table is and they can be emptied to be on display,” said Scott.

The sale itself will be held on Aug. 19 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., on Aug. 20, from 1 to 5 p.m., and on Aug. 21 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., in the library meeting room. The library usually holds a smaller sale in February but had to cancel this year’s February sale due to the weather.

“Last year, we didn’t open here until April 20. We didn’t have a collection of books that would warrant having a book sale. So we took the donations we received from April 2009 to now, and they are going to be the ones offered at the sale.”

Sale items will be on display, organized by media type, with most books placed in alphabetical order.

“They also pull together books written by popular authors, whether it’s James Patterson or David Baldacci, any authors people are really interested in a lot — the really popular ones – so that makes it easy for people to go through that table and get exactly what they want,” said Scott.

The book sale is put on by the Friends of the South Coastal Library (FOSCL), which is the “fundraising arm” for the library. The Friends’ most recent fundraiser was the 19th annual Beach and Bay Cottage Tour.

FOSCL President Faith Denault said 2,400 tickets were sold for the 2010 tour and attendance was “very, very, very good.” FOSCL raised approximately $85,000 for the library through this year’s tour.

“We had a wonderful collection of homes, and the feedback we’ve had from the tour attendees has been simply fantastic. Next year is our 20th anniversary, and we’re hoping to beat this year,” said Denault.

Added Scott, “The reason we’re able to do all of these extra programs is because of the fundraising the Friends have been able to provide.”

For more information on upcoming library events, visit online or call, (302) 539-5231.