Millsboro business aims to keep cleaning on the 'green' side

When it comes to American homes, harsh cleaning products are a concern for families, pets, and the environment.

Recent consumer concerns over unsustainable practices in cleaning has bolstered the market of sustainable, environmentally-friendly cleaning products for in-home use. Some states, like New York, have even called for full disclosure when it comes to the chemicals contained in household cleaning products.

After all, the way people clean their homes could not be of more importance as it is where they spend most of their time. All of these important factors weigh in on the novel concept behind a new business in Millsboro, “Green Cleanin’.”

When Joshua Ehrick decided to open his business, he was no stranger to environmentally friendly practices. He knew he wanted to break the cycle of working for others, but he also wanted to do something that mattered on a larger scale. After a lot of research and soul-searching, he took his small budget and turned it into a eco-friendly business, Green Cleanin’.

“One paycheck at a time,” he said, “I was able to build the business.”

After getting licensed in the state of Delaware, he started by purchasing all eco-friendly, natural products made by an American company based out of California, EO Essentials. By ordering American-made products wholesale, he can pass savings on directly to his customers, while also stimulating American business.

The products contain natural cleaning elements such as vinegar and essential oils that have all the germ-killing power of traditional household products, but instead boast pleasing (rather than harsh) scents.

Many “green” cleaning products masquerade as such, but unfortunately still contain either unhealthy practices in making the product, or the unsavory chemicals themselves, a practice often referred to as “greenwashing.” Ehrick was thorough in doing his homework, though, as EO Essentials is a family-run business that grows some of its own products, and effectively labels all of their natural products with a gamut of eco-friendly stamps of approval from the government and likeminded organizations. Some products are even vegan.

Because there are no chemicals in his cleaning products, they are safe for use around children and pets, and Joshua smiled as he said, “the natural oils bring out a natural shine.”

These products also will never corrode pipes if they are poured down the drain, like some harsh cleaners can. But Ehrick didn’t stop there; all of his paper products and disposables, like trash bags, are made from recycled materials, and all of his equipment uses washable, reusable filters in lieu of disposable filters or mop heads. Even his vacuum cleaner expels clean, purified air back into the home environment, which is great for those who suffer from respiratory ailments.

Armed with his green, American-made cleaning products, he comes into people’s homes and cleans them.

“Homes are the domains we live in, so cleaning someone’s house is a personal thing — it’s like coming into someone’s life” he said.

And touching people’s lives is something that Ehrick takes very seriously. He recognizes the need for small businesses to be a cornerstone of societal change, and not just through the innovative concept of green cleaning. The business offers regular discounts to single mothers, senior citizens, and blue collar families.

This marriage of affordability and sustainability is what Ehrick believes will set his business apart from others. Also going hand in hand with these concepts is his attitude on accessibility. He wants to be a small business “for the people.”

For this reason, he offers free consultations, which are available same day. He will come out and give an estimate for a home, and if the customer decides they want their home cleaned “green” Ehrick gives a discount for same-day cleaning services. He says of his discounts and offers, “When my customers are happy, I’m happy.”

With all the environmentally friendly changes in the market, sometimes the simplest answer is the most satisfying one as well. With Green Cleanin’, people can now have the luxury of having their homes cleaned at no cost to the environment or their overall health. Most changes begin in the home, and with cleaning in mind, Ehrick and Green Cleanin’ brings an up-beat attitude and a mission to Delmarva: to clean in a sustainable and personal way, one house at a time.

For more information, visit Green Cleanin’ online at or call (302) 853-2159.