Delaware National Bank changes name to Fulton Bank

In an era of bank mergers, acquisitions and buy-outs, it could be a little disheartening to see the name of your bank change on the sign and hear a new greeting when you call on the phone, but fortunately for Delaware National Bank customers, it’s just that – a name change.

The bank will now be known as Fulton Bank, Delaware National Division, and stays under the hood of Fulton Financial Corp., as it has been for some years now.

So what does that mean for customers? Well, not much.

Laura Wakeley of Corporate Communications for Fulton Financial Corp. said that, for customers, the change is minimal.

“For customers, not a lot will change,” she explained. “They’ll go into the same branch they always went to and deal with the same people.”

She said Delaware National president Randy Taylor is now president of his region for Fulton Bank and Fulton Financial Corp., so the “same people will be making decisions.”

The decision to change the name was as much about marketing and efficiency as anything else, Wakeley explained.

She also said that, because Fulton bank is a larger bank and customers often have more of an appreciation when looking to grow relationships and businesses when a bank is a little bit larger, it made sense to change the name at this time, while both are growing in those regions.

“They were so close, the media overlapped, so we were buying the same ads but with different names,” she explained. “It just made sense.”