It's not all car chases and firey houses

One of my favorite annual local events is the Joshua M. Freeman Valor Awards luncheon, hosted by the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce. It is an event dedicated to the efforts of local responders — those firefighters, EMS personnel and police officers who do extraordinary things to both preserve the way of life for people in this community and, more often than most of us realize, save lives on a day-to-day basis.
Coastal Point

I often find myself with my jaw open hearing the details on some of the heroic exploits of these brave men and women, and constantly come away from the event with even more respect for those who risk so much for the rest of us.

This year’s event will be held on Friday, Feb. 11, at DiFebo’s Bistro on the Green, and I’m already excited with the anticipation of being blown away yet again.

Go Ravens!

Sorry about that last line. The Baltimore Ravens take on their top nemesis, the Pittsburgh Steelers, this Saturday, and I can’t seem to get past it, no matter what I try. Now back to our story.

We hear the stories that these brave people have and we can’t help but fantasize over how exciting their jobs must be compared to ours. We watch “Law & Order” and “Rescue Me” and just know in our hearts that these are the most exciting occupations in the world.

And then we stumble across a story like the Associated Press report I found concerning a crime in Wilmington.

According to the story, a man broke into a house in April, causing the homeowner to change the locks so that a key was required to open the door, even from the inside. Well, our suspected burglar broke in to this house again, through a rear window, stayed a few days and drank three bottles of gin and two bottles of whiskey. When he tried to leave, he couldn’t open the door because he didn’t have a key and was reportedly too intoxicated to climb back out the window. So he did what any accomplished criminal mastermind would do under those circumstances. He called 911. And was arrested.

Beat Pittsburgh!

Sorry. Again.

I came across another story this week from Tampa Bay Online regarding a young man in Florida who was arrested on burglary charges. In typical fashion, the young man was put in the back of the police cruiser for transport to the Land O’ Lakes Jail. Then, well, the young man began eating the back seat. He tore through the vinyl in the seat and did about $300 damage, according to police.

Now, I have issues with germs. I admit that. However, I think all of you should be in agreement with me that the place where countless amounts of people arrested for countless amounts of crime sit on a daily basis is not where you want to put your mouth.

Knock out Roethlisberger!

Again. I apologize. It’s like an NFL Tourette’s thing I have going this morning.

Another Associated Press story I came across took place in Gilbert, Ariz. Police there are searching for the “$60 Bill Bandit” — thus named because one of his alleged bank robberies reportedly involved him asking the teller for all the $20s, $40s and $60s.

All of them.

My point (probably past me actually having one at this juncture) is that it’s not all car chases, saving hostages, pulling people from burning buildings and bringing somebody back to life from the abyss for these special individuals. Sometimes, just like the rest of us, they have to deal with idiotic people and plain odd events. But they deal with these things because they have to, in order to be on hand when we truly need them.

Go Ravens!