Snow scofflaws, inflateable girls, etc.

As we were putting together the paper on Wednesday, a winter weather advisory was hanging over our heads, putting pressure on everybody to get their work done as quickly as possible, while simultaneously making all of us groan under our breaths.

Coastal Point

We have seen our little coastal oasis morph into a winter wonderland the past few years. What used to be a climate for a few dustings a winter, and one pretty good snow storm every couple years, is now an icebox that invites snow on an all-too-regular basis. Of course, we’re not alone. We’ve seen the news footage of snow and ice storms in the South, the Midwest getting blanketed with snow on a seemingly daily basis and the entire state of New York beginning to look like a giant snowball.

Now, some nice stories have come out of this. There have been tales of people driving around in their four-wheel-drive vehicles to help people who have gotten stuck in the snow. Oh, some are definitely doing it for the monetary possibilities, but we also hear about plenty of people who just do it out of a sense of humanistic philanthropy.

And then there is the story of three selfish knuckleheads in Kansas City.

According to an Associated Press article, three teens were out and about during a recent snowstorm, looking for people who were stuck in the snow. The three — ages 18, 17 and 16 — would then proceed to rob said stranded motorists, according to the story.

It’s an interesting crime. You hit people who are vulnerable and unable to give chase, and you run away while police vehicles are presumably busy dealing with accidents and actually trying to help people who got stranded in the snow. You know, instead of coming up on them and taking their hard-earned money and credit cards like some hayseed jack...

But I digress.

Eventually, the heartless and gutless trio was arrested by police for their actions against humanity. How did they get caught, you might ask?

They got stuck in a snowdrift, and the police who came to help them reportedly found the victims’ credit cards in their vehicle.

Snow, sleet, ice, robberies when you’re stuck in the snow ... all elements that make me look forward to my coming vacation to Key West, and all the sunshine and cold beers that comes with that. Of course, I don’t pack as heavily as some people do.

Take Dave Hockey, of Novia Scotia, for instance.

A recent story by UPI said that Hockey takes 14 life-sized dolls with him on vacation. The married father-of-two said he has taken them horseback riding, skydiving and motorcycling, according to a quote UPI ran from “The Daily Mirror.”

“My wife understands it is a hobby,” said Hockey. “She isn’t threatened by the dolls. She knows I’m not going to run off with an 80-pound piece of silicone shaped like a woman.”

Perhaps she is hoping for that very result after the story ran.

Of course, romance is indeed alive and well for many. Another UPI story told the tale of a young British soldier (who they believe is serving in Afghanistan) calling his girlfriend, getting no answer and leaving a long message, which included a proposal of marriage.

A few problems. First, leaving a message as a way of proposing is tough. He certainly did not have a lot of options if he was indeed in Afghanistan and phone access was limited, but it’s not the best story in the world to tell your grandchildren one day. Second, well, he left the message at the wrong number.

The woman who did receive the message said she did not know the soldier or the woman he intended to call, but was touched by the message and hoped she could locate the woman.

The story did not clarify if the intended woman was silicon.