Incumbents keep council seats after Selbyville elections

Selbyville’s 2011 town council elections saw three incumbents retain their seats this past Saturday, March 5. Clifton Murray ran unopposed as the lone candidate for mayor. G. Frank Smith III and Clarence W. “Bud” Tingle Jr. were reelected as councilmen, beating out challenger Richard W. Fleck. Each of the positions has a two-year term. The candidates will be sworn in this Monday, March 14, at the monthly town council meeting.

The town council of Selbyville is one of the area’s most consistent slates of officials, with Murray serving as mayor since 1993. Smith and Tingle are familiar to the town, as well. Tingle has served on council since March of 1989 and Smith since June of 1988.

“We’ve got a good system in the town,” said Murray. “We have a good town administration and a credible police force. We’re geared up to do what we need to do, and we work well together. We know each other on council, and we understand the confidence that each one of us have. Everyone has some type of responsibility delegated to them, and we’re comfortable with each.”

Moving forward, Murray said he hopes to see a rise in the town’s growth, and to keep taxes to a minimum.

“As a council,” he said, “we’re just trying to stay on pace with the financial situation. We would like to see some more growth. That’s something that’s disappeared over time, but, hopefully, it can come back. We’re not looking for something rampant.”

Despite the impacts of the recession, the Town of Selbyville and its council can take solace in the fact that the town’s budget has not seen increased property taxes in more than two decades.

“We’ve really been able to maintain ourselves and keep taxes from going up,” said Murray. “Hopefully, that’s something we can continue. We stay up on the town budget to make sure we don’t reach a point where we’d have to increase taxes.”

In keeping with the unusual reality of this year’s contested elections, Murray also mentioned that he hopes to see more interest from citizens in the town’s government.