Frankford renews B&B approval for Captain Chandler House

Frankford’s Planning and Zoning Commission approved a conditional-use request for a bed-and-breakfast at 13 Main Street at their meeting last week.

The house, known as the Captain Chandler House, has been out of service as a B&B for the past five years, said owner Marla Daisey. Because of the lapse and the town’s newly adopted comprehensive land-use plan, the owners had to re-apply for a conditional use, which will stay with the property, with conditions.

Previously, to operate a bed-and-breakfast and hold events, the Daisey family operated the house under a special-use exception. But the town’s new comprehensive land-use plan allows bed-and-breakfast inns in residential neighborhoods, explained engineering consultant Kyle Ulbronson. As a result, he said, this application was “kinda simple.”

The commission did require that there be ample parking, with at least seven spaces and overflow parking for events, which Daisey said they had. The commissioners also agreed that use fit with the general character of the neighborhood; was not detrimental to other property owners; was not objectionably loud or offensive; did not affect traffic, the health and welfare of residents; and complied with all other applicable laws and standards.