OV hears annexation request, helps Preserves residents

Representatives from Silverstock Builders LLC on April 12 introduced conceptual plans for an annexation petition requesting that 115.59 acres on Beaver Dam Road be annexed into the Town of Ocean View with mixed-use planned-community zoning.

The conceptual proposal shows 181 single-family lots and 24 residential condominiums, along with two restaurant pads, one bank pad and other commercial buildings. There are also plans for a private or public clubhouse for the community.

Landmark/JMC representative Mark Parker noted that one positive aspect of the conceptual design is the conservation of wetlands and forest areas. He said the area would be preserved and used for walking trails for the community.

The petition for annexation will go before the Ocean View Planning & Zoning Commission in May before it is brought back before the council. If the annexation is approved, the applicants must then take their designs for the community back to Planning & Zoning and the council.

Talks with the home owners association of The Preserves resulted this week in a 4-0 vote by the town council to pay for the paving of the community’s streets, which will be added to the list of street improvements projects the town has scheduled to begin this spring.

“The developer of The Preserves in Ocean View walked away prior to paving the streets there,” explained attorney Jane Patchell, who represents the HOA. “There was no bond issued for the completion of the roadways, therefore the cost of completing them falls completely on the 12 homeowners, who do not have the means of coming up with the lump sum immediately.”

The developer of The Preserves has since released ownership of the streets, and the town was also provided with 12 individual signed agreements from the property owners, agreeing that that they would pay the town back for the street improvements over a period of five years, with no interest.

“The town graciously stepped in,” Patchell said, thanking council and the town staff on her clients’ behalf.

Councilman Geoff Christ said he hopes that the town will eventually be able to help the home owners pay for some of the costs.

The issue of religious materials being handed out at town events was also raised at the Ocean View Town Council meeting this week.

In March, teenage resident Kelsey Magill had sent a letter to the Town, requesting permission to hand out religious pamphlets at John West Park during town events. Town Solicitor Dennis Schrader had recommended that Magill be able to pass out pamphlets only at town-sponsored events and encouraged her to check with the Town before doing so.

“I’d like to strongly object,” said resident Elaine Birkmeyer on Tuesday. “I do not see any reason at all to have religious material at a town venue. This does not belong in town, and I think it was wrong for you to agree with it.”

Birkmeyer asked Schrader to weigh in on her concerns.

“What you’re suggesting is that we take a look at the content of what Ms. Magill wants to say or do,” said Schrader. “She is strictly allowed to do this based on the Constitution of this country… I offer you the opportunity to take it up with the Supreme Court.”

Council voted 4-0 to approve Magill’s request.

The Ocean View Town Council will hold its monthly workshop on Tuesday, April 26, at 7 p.m. at town hall.