Town of Ocean View Request for Proposal – Assessment Services

Town of Ocean View
Public Notice
Request for Proposal – Assessment Services

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN BY THE TOWN OF OCEAN VIEW that the Town is undertaking a reassessment project for property taxation purposes. All properties located within the corporate limits of the Town will be included in this assessment.

The Town will negotiate with a Delaware licensed real estate appraiser a (i) one-time contract for a complete Property Tax Reassessment (“Reassessment”) and (ii) five-year contract for continuing assessment services. Any Delaware Certified General Real Property Appraiser who is interested in this project should submit a proposal to the Town of Ocean View, which must contain the following minimum information:
1. Proposed time line for completion of the Reassessment.
2. Per parcel evaluation cost for the Reassessment. Any parcels that exceed the currently estimated total number of parcels (2,825) will be paid at this per parcel evaluation cost.
3. Total cost to complete the Reassessment.
4. Annual fees to maintain the Town’s assessment database.
5. Any additional fees and costs to be associated with this Reassessment project.
6. Copy of Delaware Appraiser’s License.
7. Resume for each principal and appraiser to be assigned to the project.
8. List of references and prior municipal assessment projects.

Please submit this requested information in a sealed envelope marked “Property Tax Reassessment Bid” to:
Conway Gregory, Town Manager
Town of Ocean View
201 Central Avenue
Ocean View, DE 19970

The bid must be received before 1 p.m. on May 20, 2011.

Interested parties may contact the Town Manager, Conway Gregory, at the Ocean View Administrative Offices for a copy of the Request for Proposal or for more information on this project. Contact information is as follows:; Phone: 302-539-9797 x104; or Fax: 302-537-5306.
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