The family that jails together, fails together

There is nothing like a good old family connection story that truly touches the heart.

For instance, I stumbled acros a story on the other day that touched on a young man’s desire to spend more quality time with his stepfather. Heck, he even petittioned a judge in Ontario, Canada, to make it happen.

It seems that Justin Beynen, 18, was sentenced by a judge to serve six months in prison for a variety of charges stemming from a traffic violation. In addition to his driving mishaps, Beynen reportedly was found in the vehicle in possession of marijuana, a knife and six cans of beer. And, oh yeah, just for good measure, the car itself was stolen.

But for young Beynen, six months in jail just wasn’t going to do the trick. He wanted instead to serve nine months so he could be with his stepfather, who happened to also be serving as his cellmate.

Beynen told the judge that he had nowhere to go when he got out of jail until his stepfather was released. The judge originally stated that the courts are not a social agency, but after hearing the facts of the case, decided to make the family reunion last a little longer.

It’s so nice to see the young man get the guidance he so desperately needs from his ... cellmate.

Of course, parental figures do have a certain obligation to teach their offspring the wonders of responsibility. From cleaning up bedrooms to doing dishes to taking out the trash, these little lessons about personal responsibility are supposed to be with us throughout the course of our lifetimes. And one 51-year-old woman in California showed that she still has it in her.
California authorities said they arrested a San Bernadino woman after she was seen pushing a trash can with body parts inside.

“Human remains could be seen and she had evidence on her that seemed to be consistent that she was involved with the disposal of the body,” Detective Jeff Crittenden told KTLA-TV.
Let’s examine this for just a second.

The woman was reportedly seen walking the trash can 200 yards along a sidewalk until her arrest, according to an article on Said trash can contained the remains of a human body.

Granted, I watch a lot of “Law & Order,” so I probably have an advantage here in terms of recognizing criminal behavior. But that would appear to be the very definition of disposing a body, right?

Police said they found what might be bodily fluids in the woman’s back yard, as well as a hole dug in the lawn. That seems pretty much like an open-and-shut case of disposing of a body. Well, that, or a zombie rose out of the ground and she was simply providing transportation.

If so, that was nice.

What isn’t nice at all is air travel these days. The cost is absurd, and only compounded by the airlines that charge you for the courtesy of transporting your suitcases to where you are going — that is if the suitcases actually make it to where you’re going. Add in the cost of buying food on many flights, paying to watch a movie that you would have never spent time watching if it was your decision and the joy of sitting for several hours in a cramped space with your kneecaps touching your chin, and you have an absolutely miserable experience in most instances.
And it only gets better when the person in front of you reclines their chair back so far you can spend the duration of the flight counting dandruff flakes in his or her hair.

According to a story first reported by the Washington Post, a man on a United Airlines flight the other day got so frustrated with the “lean-back” move of the guy seated in front of him that he took matters into his own hands. Well, his own hand.

He slapped the offender.

That’s right. He just hauled off and slapped the guy in the head, starting a fight between the passengers that forced the pilot to pull the ultimate “dad” move and turn that plane right around and go home.

Neither man was arrested or injured, which is a good thing because I’m not sure if either man’s stepfather was in jail to provide guidance.