Lack of candidates scraps Fenwick Island council elections

The Town of Fenwick Island will not have a town council election this year.

With four council seats expiring in August, only two people filed for reelection by the June 21 deadline: Vice-Mayor Todd Smallwood and Councilman Gene Langan. They will automatically keep their positions.

Mayor Audrey Serio and Vicki Carmean did not file to run for re-election to the council.

All terms will expire Aug. 6, the scheduled date for the election. In the past, current council members who had not filed for re-election opted to remain on the council to fill otherwise open seats, being appointed by the sitting council to do so.

Carmean has already announced her intention to retire from the council. Serio can submit a resignation by Aug. 6 if she wishes to do likewise, said Fenwick Island’s Board of Elections Chairperson Lynn Andrews.

The council’s reorganizational period is set for Aug. 6 to 16 this year. Two eligible townspeople will be appointed to the council by the other council members.

Andrews said it was “too bad” that more people did not file to join the coucil, especially year-round residents.

“Volunteerism is an old-fashioned concept,” Andrews said.

To be eligible to serve, a person must be eligible to vote in the Town of Fenwick Island for a least one year prior to the election; be a natural U.S. citizen; be a bona fide resident or property owner in town; be at least 21 years of age on or before the election; and not be a convicted felon.