AfterGlo brings beauty to the beach

The summertime sun and heat can be a burden for the skin, but at AfterGlo Beauty Spa in Millville, clients are finding ways to look and feel relaxed and younger. From custom-designed facials and peels, aimed at purifying the skin’s appearance, to detoxifying massages and nail treatments, the small boutique spa offers an extensive list of therapeutic treatments from an experienced staff.

Coastal Point • Ryan Saxton: AfterGlo Beauty Spa owner Sheila Brittingham sits behind her desk at the spa.Coastal Point • Ryan Saxton
AfterGlo Beauty Spa owner Sheila Brittingham sits behind her desk at the spa.

“In recent years,” said AfterGlo Beauty Spa owner Sheila Brittingham, “people have really taken an interest in their skin and bodies. We provide a wide range of treatments and have a very qualified and knowledgeable staff.”

After leaving the florist industry 14 years ago, Brittingham wanted a change.

“I really got into skin care and treatment because of my daughter,” she said. “She was a massage therapist who wanted to go onto aesthetic school. I was looking for a change, so we took it on together.”

Brittingham practiced in Ocean City, Md., where she was able to establish a clientele before the location in Millville became available in late May of this year.

“Our staff is very qualified,” Brittingham said. “We have a licensed esthetician who has been doing this for 14 years. Our massage therapist is also a licensed esthetician and has four years of experience. The woman who does our manicure and pedicures started in 2002, so she has almost 10 years of experience.”

Hydrating hand treatments, Opal eye treatments and exfoliating décolletage enhancements are just a few of the services offered at AfterGlo. Waxing and ear candling are available, too. Massages – from a relaxing Swedish to deep-tissue, and aromatherapy and full-body LaStone therapy, using warm stones to soothe bodily tension – can help relieve stress and pain, she said.

“I recently read how beneficial body massages have been for people with back problems,” noted Brittingham. “A lot more people are taking that route instead of surgery or medication.”

AfterGlo serves a number of male clients, as well as females, and the massages are among the top picks for the men.

“A lot of our clients who are coming in for the summertime,” she said, “are used to receiving spa treatment back in the cities. We have a lot of retirees who now live here, too, and they continue to come to relax and get that younger look.”

In addition to being a licensed medical esthetician, Brittingham spent three years working closely with plastic surgeons and is certified in manual lymphatic drainage massage, too. She has also incorporated pharmaceutical products into her skincare techniques. AfterGlo offers microdermabrasion treatment, and by next month, hopes to offer microcurrent facial therapy, as well.

The spa also offers Shellac, the new creative nail design brand that provides a 14-day guarantee of no chipping or wearing off.

Since relocating to the spot beside the Millville Town Center, Brittingham has maintained many of her regular customers, and she frequently sees new faces step through the door. Ages run the gamut, with tween and teen packages available, as well as clients in their 70s.

“If we can teach the younger ones about how to care for their skin,” said Brittingham, “and teach them about nails and facials at a young age, they could be customers for life.”

Despite the cozy quarters, AfterGlo can accommodate many customers and clients.

“We work in small quarters,” Brittingham noted, “but we’re very customer-oriented. We’ve all been doing this a while, and our clients are happy with the services we offer.”

For more information about AfterGlo Beauty Spa, including a list of their services, visit AfterGlo is located at 32630 Cedar Drive, Unit D, in Millville, just south of the entrance to the Millville Town Center. The spa is open six days a week, from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, and from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. To schedule an appointment, call (302) 537-7546.