Frankford adopts housekeeping ordinance on bidding process

The Frankford Town Council this week adopted an ordinance to establish a process for the procurement of material and services for the Town of Frankford. Town Clerk Terry Truitt has said in the past that the ordinance was a “housekeeping” measure that spells out more clearly the town’s policy on the competitive bidding process for town services.

Non-professional services of greater than $7,500 but less than $22,000 will be advertised in a newspaper for proposals and bids, with not less than three vendors bidding, and will go to the lowest responsible bidder. For non-professional services of more than $22,500, they will refer to the State of Delaware’s State Procurement Act.

Professional services, such as architectural, engineering, accounting, etc., are excluded from the regulation, except for the advertisement of the intention to negotiate such contracts in amounts more than $7,500.

Also on July 5, Truitt announced that representatives from URS, engineering consultants for the town, will be in attendance at next month’s council meeting to discuss a study they developed after being asked four months ago to evaluate the current police station building for future use as a town hall building.

Truitt announced that curbside recycling containers will be given out by the week of July 18, with Tuesday, Aug. 2, being the first scheduled date of pick-up. Recyclables will be picked up every other week.

Truitt explained that newspapers, brown bags, paper, envelopes, cardboard, narrow-necked bottles, glass bottles of any color, grocery bags, tin, aluminum and steel can all be recycled in the single stream curbside recycling. She did reiterate, as she has done at past meetings, that “contaminants,” need to be rinsed out. For example, mustard bottles or spaghetti sauce jars need to be rinsed out before they are put out for recycling.

In other news from the July 5 town council meeting:

• The Water Department balance as of June 30 was reported at $57,767.65; payroll spent was $13,395.12; and the balance of the general fund was $1,936.72.

• The council voted to transfer $11,000 from the Water Department Fund to the general fund for bill payment.

• Municipal Street Aid had a June 30 balance of $16,345.26, and the transfer tax fund had approximately $51,000 in it as of June 30.