Frankford council adopts budget free of tax or water increases

The Frankford Town Council adopted the town’s proposed 2011-2012 budget, effective July 1, at a meeting last week. The meeting ended in record time, and there were no public comments, as no residents from the town attended.

The budget does not include any water or tax increases. The town council on May 31 had discussed possible cuts to the current budget, to balance it out for the next year, with total revenue and expenditures both at $472,845.

The current tax rate of $2.50 per $100 of assessed value and the current water rate of $8.75 per thousand gallons will stay the same. The council had added an additional $10,000 to the park budget, making it $15,000 total, in order to be able to receive a matching grant of $12,500 for park equipment.

A raise for the town’s four employees was also built into the proposed budget, about $3,900 total. Town Clerk Terry Truitt said that this will be first raise for town employees in four years.

Because several of the budget areas were “hit hard” by cuts, as Truitt put it, and the budget had been scaled back quite a bit from the previous year, the council was initially left with $29,948 more revenue than expenditures after discussing the various line items in the draft budget.

They proposed, and adopted this week, a reallocation of that money to balance the budget, putting money back into the budget for water treatment chemicals; for the park, to make sure money would be there to receive the matching grant for equipment; for water department heaters; for building maintenance at town hall; for office expenses; and for the wage increases.