Millville July 28 Meeting Results


The Board of Adjustment for the Town of Millville at a Public Hearing held on Thursday, July 28, 2011, approved the following applications:

• BOA 01-12 submitted by Woodcrest Acquisition, LLC, Tax Map Parcel #134-12.00-2673; 2674; 2676-2684; 2686-2688, Woodcrest, III (a/k/a The Meadows), for a variance from Article VI, Sections 155-10 F. (1) (a) [5] & [7], which requires a 40 ft minimum front yard setback. If granted, this variance would permit either the front yard setback be reduced from 40’ to 30; or that the front yard setback be reduced to 20’ and the rear yard setback be increased to 20’.
• BOA 02-12 submitted by Millville Town Center Associates, LLC, Tax Map Parcel #134-12.00-411.00, M&T Bank (formerly Wilmington Trust), for a variance from Article IX, Section 155-46 C (3), which would allow for additional square footage for replacement signs.
CP 20110805 1T