Psychologist brings 30 years’ experience to Millville

When psychologist Margaret J. Kay and her husband, Jeff, found the perfect location for her Delaware practice, they didn’t just rent an office. They bought the whole commercial property.

Coastal Point •  Submitted: Margaret J. Kay, right, and her husband, Jeff Kay, take a short break from renovating the commercial property where she plans to practice psychology. They will also rent some of the space to other businesses.Coastal Point • Submitted
Margaret J. Kay, right, and her husband, Jeff Kay, take a short break from renovating the commercial property where she plans to practice psychology. They will also rent some of the space to other businesses.

Margaret Kay is a licensed psychologist from Pennsylvania who specializes in educational and school psychology. She will provide independent educational evaluations for school-age children.

“I provide testing for kids with disabilities, and I help figure out the education programs that are going to work,” she said.

Parents can get this on their own, or they might request it as a second opinion for children with learning disabilities.

“Say you’ve had them evaluated at school, and you’re not thinking that they’re getting what they need educationally,” Kay said. “You’re entitled to get an independent evaluation, which is like a second opinion by someone who’s not in the district but is paid by the district to provide a second opinion evaluation.”

There is definitely a need for psychologists in Delaware, Kay said, noting that many of her clients in Pennsylvania are Delawareans:

“Delaware is a very under-served state for basically anything that has anything to do with educational evaluation and professional education,” she said.

In her 30 years of practice, Kay said, she has worked within many schools that needed extra expertise for particular cases, including the Sussex Technical and Indian River school districts.

Kay said she has seen increases in autism, which she said now affects one in 50 people, and dyslexia, which results in reading and spelling problems for 20 percent of the population.

While some say the increase in diagnosis rates is at least partly due to the fact that diagnostic procedures have become more thorough, Kay said most of her clients used to have mere reading disabilities, whereas, in the last 10 to 15 years, many more have been autistic.

Although her specialty is education, Kay said she does “pretty much everything” in regular psychology, including services for children’s behavioral issues, depression, anxiety and couples or family work. Some of her specialties include dyslexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

She also tests college students for foreign language waivers if they have a language learning difficulty.

Margaret Kay’s practice is located at the corner of Reba Road and Central Avenue in Millville. She expects to open the practice to clients within six to eight weeks, pending completion of the renovations. She will split her time between Pennsylvania and Delaware.

The Kays are completely revamping the property, which they said had fallen into some disrepair.

Having long vacationed at the coast, the Kays knew they wanted to retire nearby. Now renovating on weekends, they have powerwashed, cleared debris and planned remodeling. From work on landscaping and water drainage to interior renovations, the Kays aim to restore the property to enhance the original design.

Jeff Kay formed Ocean Office Suites LLC, also located within his wife’s office complex, to manage the property, which includes three suites.

Bethany Beach Yoga Studio is currently located in Suite B, and Suite C is available for rent. The 1,500 square-foot Suite C was most recently used as a residence, so Jeff Kay said they will renovate it to suit the eventual tenants.

“We’re basically working on restoring it to make it a really nice office park,” said Margaret Kay, who is looking for other professionals to join her at the location.

“It’s very difficult to find office space that close to the beach,” said Realtor Colleen Window, who is leasing the property for the Kays. “It’s a unique property since it’s so close to the beach, has so much land, and it’s reasonably priced for leasing.”

For more information on Margaret Kay’s psychological services, call (302) 436-0865.

For rental inquiries with Ocean Office Suites, email or call (717) 989-5365.