Aquacare Physical Therpay dives into rehabilitation at Millville location

There are new waves being made at Aquacare Physical Therapy. With an extensive, all-inclusive facility, qualified and trained specialists, and an emphasis not only upon rehabilitation and therapy but education, more and more clients are finding ways to better their lives and their well-being.

Coastal Point • Ryan Saxton: Patients undergo aquatic physical therapy at Aquacare’s Millville location in the Millville Town Center.Coastal Point • Ryan Saxton
Patients undergo aquatic physical therapy at Aquacare’s Millville location in the Millville Town Center.

“We work very closely with all of our clients,” said Lauren Nuttle, doctor of physical therapy (DPT) and clinical director of Aquacare Physical Therapy’s Millville location. “Each of our five providers has a niche that they specialize in and, as far as the facility goes, if they need it, it’s here.”

Aquacare Physical Therapy offers manual therapy treatments, standard orthopedic care, vestibular rehabilitation – which focuses on the inner ear and the body’s sense of balance – wound-care programs, worker’s rehabilitation and much more. Licensed physical therapists are on hand to ensure individualized, personal treatment.

“We can treat osteoarthritis. We can offer neurological rehab, or treat people who come in for post-car-accident care,” said Nuttle. “Our facility allows for all different aspects to be included.”

Located in the Millville Town Center, just west of Giant, Aquacare Physical Therapy is deceptively immense, taking up only a small storefront space in width, but stretching back as deep as the grocery store does.

It houses a temperature-regulated pool with handicapped-friendly access, ideal for aquatic rehabilitation. The warm water reduces inflammation and decreases the load on weight-bearing or injured joints, which provides a safer circumstance for clients to rehabilitate. A “land” aerobic facility, complete with weights, aerobic exercise machines and patient rooms, ensures a complete, well-rounded service is available on a client’s path to recovery.

Upon a client’s first visit, they undergo a patient evaluation, pinpointing goals and individualized treatment programs, catering specifically to that individual. Depending on the nature and severity of the condition, aquatic and/or land rehabilitation are instrumented. Afterward, specialty programs that can help further a client’s education and provide continued treatment, is then recommended.

Among the most common diagnoses for clients is lower back pain, which can be brought on from a wide range of scenarios, from postural habits and body mechanics to genetics or past athletic wear and tension.

“What people don’t realize,” Nuttle said, “is that their lower back pain can be brought on by activities they perform around the house.”

Gardening, vacuuming, walking a dog, lifting, pushing and pulling around the home can all play a part on pain in one’s lower back over time. Even something as minute as brushing one’s teeth can have a lasting impact. To combat this problem, Aquacare Physical Therapy offers an educational seminar, presented by certified PTA Joe Zimmerman, whose specialty includes lumbar treatment and body mechanics.

“It’s one thing to help treat someone for lower back pain,” he said, “but if it’s brought on by something that the person can change, we want to educate them about it, too. We use preventative care through these seminars to keep clients from needing to come back. The educational aspect of our job is very important.”

The “Wellness Wednesday” seminars have limited space available, but are free to the public. Those interested should call the Aquacare Physical Therapy office for times and availability.

“Lots of things that people take for granted,” said Zimmerman, “can affect your tension and mobility. In turn, that can affect your self-esteem. There’s a lot involved, and most of it comes down to knowing how to prevent that kind of pain.”

While the majority of the business’ clientele are 50 or older, Nuttle noted that they work with clients of a very wide range of ages.

“I’d say 75 percent of the people we see are over 50,” she noted, “but we also offer pediatric care through our aquatic services, young athletes people throughout their 20s, 30s and up.”

Specialist Crystal Fuhrmann focuses her attention on athletes, from middle- and high-school students to the weekend warriors.

“There’s definitely a cross-training aspect when you work in an Aquacare facility,” she said. “I can help an athlete through rehab, whether it’s after an accident or through wear and tear over time.”

In addition, Aquacare Physical Therapy also offers water aerobics classes, swimming lessons, and an “Aquatots” swimming program designed to familiarize infants with the water, as well as open swim hours in their pool.

“There is so much here that we offer,” said Nuttle. “We can cater to anyone’s needs.”

For more information about Aquacare Physical Therapy, and its treatment, services and program offerings, stop in at the facility, located at 38069 Town Center Drive, Unit 15, just west of Giant in the Millville Town Center, visit or call (302) 539-3110.