Spate of burglaries has Selbyville-area family wanting to spread awareness

Home-invasion. Burglary. Robbery. Just read the police beat in any newspaper to see that what used to be once-in-a-while crimes have seemingly become all-too-frequent as the area grows and the population grows with it. Julie Dugan and her family know that all too well. She said coming to the family’s vacation home outside Selbyville has been far from relaxing these past few months, since the house been burglarized four times in the past two years and three times in the past two months alone.

“They take everything,” she said. “Not that there is anything of real value. They take all electronics: CD players, digital/analog converter boxes, TVs, the microwave and heaters. They went so far as to take brass and the silvery-looking dog dishes.”

Dugan said her house, which sits near the Maryland-Delaware state line, has been in the family for 17 years, and everything was fine until about two years ago, when they had their first burglary.

Dugan said she has been reaching out to her neighbors to let them know of the burglaries and has called the Delaware State Police each time she has discovered a burglary. Each time, she said, the burglars break a window to get inside. The most recent break-in was within the past two weeks.

Sgt. Paul Shavack of the Delaware State Police Public Information Office confirmed that Troop 4 has responded to each of the reported burglaries and is in contact with Dugan.

“The detectives met with her at Troop 4 and took a ride down there, and they talked about tips on home safety, such as an alarm system, parking a car in the garage and recruiting neighbors to watch out for suspicious activity,” said Shavack.

“She also provided them with tips, and they followed up on each one. And the investigation into the burglaries is ongoing.”

“I just want to spread the word,” said Dugan of her efforts to reach out through the media. “I am reaching out wherever I can. It’s gotten to the point my family doesn’t even want to come down. Everyone is afraid.”