Burglars hit shops in the Villages of Fenwick

Three shops in the Villages of Fenwick were burglarized on Nov. 21, and the object of the heist seems to have been pretty straightforward: cash registers. Janilyn Elias, owner of the Bookend Café and nearby Indulgence, said that, at Bookend Café, the burglars used “some kind of crowbar,” to get in one of their doors.

“The door was still locked and the deadbolt was still locked…” she said. “Both cash registers were taken, and there were pieces of one all over one side of the store.”

Elias said the Villages of Fenwick are fairly quiet, and Richard Bailey – owner of Bee Hive, which also was robbed of cash registers, though those mostly had change in them – agreed, saying he thought the last time something similar happened was as far back as 1993.

“It is usually pretty quiet,” he said.

Elias said the third shop that was robbed was Sweets & Treats, and that the Fenwick Island Police Department was at the shop all day on Monday, gathering as much information as they could. She added that, within hours, a fisherman near Bishopville, Md., had recovered all of the cash registers in a body of water there, where they had apparently been dumped by the thieves.

“I guess they caught one of them,” joked Bailey of the unusual fishing find.

Elias added that her stores were open for business, after a lost day on Monday.

Calls to the Fenwick Island Police Department about the incident were not returned by Coastal Point press time.