Millville to consider allowing trailer as sales office

The Millville Town Council last week heard from representatives of Beazer Homes and George Miles & Burh LLC (GMB) about their request to construct a trailer-type modular sales office in town. Steve Marsh of GMB noted that “trailers” are not allowed as sales offices in town code related to residential planned communities (RPCs) and that they can’t get a special-use exemption because no process for receiving one exists. As a result, they needed advice from the council.

“Everyone has been really helpful,” he said. “We just wanted to figure out the regulatory framework in the code to do what we needed to do.”

Under Beazer’s plan, the sales office would sit off of Burbage Road, across the street from the proposed Bishop’s Landing development on the lands of Dove Landing, another not-yet-constructed Beazer Homes project. Steve Brodbell of Beazer Homes said the 20-by-60-foot office would have a “great appearance” but it would only be temporary, as their ultimate goal is to have model homes constructed and to use one as their permanent sales office.

The council discussed the work involved in having to change town code, but Mayor Gerry Hocker said that, if they chose to do so, they could, as “codes are amended all the time.”

Several council members questioned the time frame and also how the project would be affected by the Department of Transportation’s (DelDOT) work on Burbage Road as part of the Route 26 Alternate Routes project — a precursor to the Route 26 Mainline Project, which is now expected to begin in the fall of 2012, pending funding availability.

In late February, the Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announced that Burbage Road between Route 17/Roxanna Road and Substation Road would be closed at 7 a.m. on Monday, March 5, as part of the Route 26 Alternate Routes project. According to DelDOT, the improvements to that section of the roadway are expected to be completed by the beginning of June, depending on weather.

Brodbell half-joked that their intent was not to bring people in just to have them “see roadblock signs and go to Forest Landing,” so he said he was well aware of the timeline as it pertains to DelDOT’s project on Burbage. He also explained there was road and utility work to be done before even a temporary sales office could be built for Bishop’s Landing.

“The Town has some time. We just wanted to start the talk now,” he explained.

The town council concluded that they would consider a vote on a code amendment on a future agenda, possibly as early as March.

The council also voted this week to discuss the draft manual for the Millville Volunteers group at their March meeting so town manager Debbie Botchie and all council members could come prepared with corrections, changes and comments.

The next town council meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 13, at 7 p.m.