No election in Ocean View -- Lawless to continue to serve

The Town of Ocean View will not be holding an election this April, as District 4 Councilman Bob Lawless was the only resident to file as a candidate for the council seat representing the district. He will serve on council for another three-year term, which will expire in 2015.

“I’m delighted that the voters of the fourth district saw fit not to place someone in opposition. They must’ve thought I was doing a good job,” said Lawless.

When Lawless retired to Ocean View in 2006, he had no plans to serve on the town council – that is until residents approached him in 2009 and asked him to consider running.

“I had no intention of running for town council,” recalled Lawless. “I was very happy, minding my own business. I had not been to a council meeting, when a group of people came to my home and asked me to go to council meetings and to see what was going on, and to search my soul and see if I would do it. I did, and I was appalled at some of the things I saw. I thought, ‘This is not the way things ought to be.’”

Lawless threw his hat into the ring and was chosen to serve on council. During his tenure on council, he said, a great deal has been accomplished, and the climate of council meetings has changed.

“We’ve gotten a lot done in the last three years. We’ve gotten some drainage work done, we’ve undertaken a program of maintaining our streets; and, I think, perhaps more important, the tenor of our council meetings has changed from rancorous to something much more civil.”

Lawless said that the council has “done good stuff” and he hopes to continue the good work.

“Roads and drainage should be the primary concerns of our town. We have resurfaced streets. I made it my business to be present while they were doing the work in Briarcliffe, in Hunter’s Run, Country Village, Country Estates. That’s happened. We’re going to be redoing Woodland Avenue this spring.

“We’re actually in a program of getting things done,” he said. “Councils heretofore have talked about stuff forever and ever. Here, we’re actually getting things done. We actually got the West View drainage project done.”

Lawless said he’d like to continue to serve the town and see a number of town projects through completion, including the new public works building.

“We’ve got the property; we’ve got the plans. That’s pretty much in train. It may well be in existence by summer this year. I’d like to see that happen,” he said, regarding the DPW building, “I’d like to see us continue with the road-surfacing program. I’d like to see us continue with drainage projects. The Town has a priority list of drainage issues. I’d like to see us work through them.”

He added that, although it’s not the most glamorous job, he is happy to be able to serve the town.

“I figured out that if you look at the stipend we get for being councilpersons and divide the number of hours into it, it comes out that I’m making about 15 cents an hour,” he said with a laugh. “But it’s work that has to get done, and it’s really important to our town. I’m thrilled to be able to do it.”