Personal treasures can aid animals through antiques appraisal fundraiser

That old family heirloom could turn out to be a valuable treasure at the annual Lavender and Lace antiques appraisal show on Saturday, April 7.

For just a few dollars, people can bring items to be appraised at the fundraiser, which benefits the Georgetown SPCA, hosted by at Lavender and Lace antiques and gift shop and Clare’s Scrapbook Cove in Clarksville.

Owner Pauline Blasena said customers often ask her about the age or history of an item. She’s not an appraiser, so she found someone who is.

Nationally certified appraisers Charlene Upham and Steven Blumenaurer will both donate their time, free of charge, at the Lavender and Lace show.

Blasena praised Upham and Blumenaurer, whom she met at an antiques convention in Ocean City, Md.

“[Upham] believes that shop owners should all help each other out,” Blasena said. “She is so well-educated. She’s been doing it for years. She comes with a laptop and does research right here.”

Appraisals will occur in the main store, rather than a back room, so people can browse, socialize and observe other appraisals.

“We all kind of get an education on the pieces, as well, and that makes it more fun than just going back there really quietly,” said Blasena. “This is just kind of a fun appraisal.”

People can bring a variety of items for appraisal, from coins and jewelry to furniture.

“One gentleman brought in a leather license plate,” Blasena said. “We see Ming Dynasty vases and all kinds of things. It’s fun to see what people bring in.”

Some people are so excited that they go home and return with more items, she added with a laugh.

All of Blasena’s past antiques appraisal shows have benefited nonprofit organizations, such as American Cancer Society and Alzheimer’s Association. This year, the shop is keeping it local by donating all funds to Georgetown SPCA. Blasena said she was inspired by a friend who is very involved with the SPCA as a volunteer and trainer.

“I am so grateful to have the opportunity to use my antiques and gift shop to be a venue to help my local community and contribute to organizations that can help make a difference,” Blasena said.

The antiques appraisal show takes place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Reservations are not necessary. Appraisals cost $5 for one item or $10 for three items.

Lavender and Lace is located at 34902 Atlantic Avenue (Route 26) in Clarksville. For more information, call (302) 539-5933.