New Ocean View town manager plans move closer to town

Ocean View’s new town manager, Rick Konrad, is scheduled to start his first day of work April 16.

“He’s already had the opportunity to spend time with Lee discussing different issues,” said Mayor Gordon Wood of the town’s Finance Director and interim town manager, Lee Brubaker.

Konrad attended April 10 town council meeting, at which council members and residents alike applauded and stood to shake Konrad’s hand, welcoming him to the town.

Konrad, who was one of 96 applicants for the job, was hired after a four-month search, following the termination of former town manager Conway Gregory’s contract last November.

It was also announced Wednesday that Konrad, who currently owns property in Salisbury, Md., where he resides, has retained a rental property in the Clarksville area and plans to relocate there on May 1.

During the town manager search committee meetings, members noted that it would be important to have the new town manager live within a “reasonable distance” of the town, in case of an emergency requiring that person to be in town. Gregory lived in Denton, Md. – a fact that had raised concerns in the past.

In fact, Konrad is contractually obligated to “participate in the preparation of emergency preparedness plans for the Town and shall be present within the Town during all emergencies, unless otherwise directed.”

“Being a part of the community is just a good thing,” said Wood. “He’ll be here during emergencies.”

Also in Konrad’s employment contract, a section titled “Residency” states that the Town does not require Konrad to relocate during the contract’s term, but that the Town “expects the employee to make an effort to relocate to a reasonable distance (25 miles or 30 minutes driving time) from the town.”

It goes on to state that if Konrad relocates within one year of the contract’s term, the town will compensate him with $3,000 for moving expenses.

“It’s important that the town manager be a part of our community,” added Wood, following the town’s announcement of his relocation. “This was discussed in the recruitment process. He’s an honorable man. He said he would try to do that. He is an honorable man, and he did.”

The Town plans to hold a formal meet-and-greet for Konrad following his official start as town manager for Ocean View.

“We’re confident that Rick is going to proceed in a realm of calm progress,” said Wood. “We expect Ocean View to support Rick and reclaim our role in the Quiet Resorts.”