Local playwright, dinner-theater on tap at Dickens Parlour

Dickens Parlour Theatre is adding dinner theater to its repertoire of productions. May 2-5, beginning at 6 p.m., the Ocean Pines Players will perform a dinner-theater production of “The Summer of Our Discontent,” written by local Bethany Beach playwright Bob Davis.

Coastal Point • Submitted: Cast members of ‘The Summer of Our Discontent’ are preparing for their show at Dickens Parlour Theater, May 2-5.Coastal Point • Submitted
Cast members of ‘The Summer of Our Discontent’ are preparing for their show at Dickens Parlour Theater, May 2-5.

“It’s always been our intention to offer the theater to be used for local events and talent,” said Theatre Manager Cheryl DuBois. “I’m really surprised I haven’t had more people approach me with different productions or events that they’d like to put on at the theater. Of course, Bob Davis – we did do an Ocean Pines Players performance last year that was very successful and well-received.”

“Rich and I are pretty good friends,” added Davis. “We’ve done some work together, and because of that we’ve stayed in touch. Rich was in a couple of my stage readings.”

The play follows an aging actress making her big comeback to the stage, and Davis said the story is actually a play within a play.

“There’s a lot of humor in it. It’s quite a funny play, actually. In this play, there’s an aging rock star who’s has had several divorces,” he explained. “And he comes in and meets this actress who has just made a big hit in a play after many, many years of not. And she thinks he’s quite taken with her, when he’s quite taken with her daughter. It’s a play within a play. The play that the aging actress is in is about a difference in ages between an older woman and a younger man. And, in this play, it’s about an older man and a younger woman.”

Davis said he was inspired to write the play after reading about former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney’s divorce a few years ago.

“This play did have an inspiration. I read in the paper that Paul McCartney had gotten a divorce. I envision: Here’s a guy with all kinds of money, out in the open market. He must have a thousand women willing to become the next Mrs. Paul McCartney.”

This will be the play’s second production, and it will be directed by Charlie Sorrentino.

Tickets cost $25 per person and reservations are required, as the theater can only seat 60 people per performance. An Italian dinner will be served in the Parlour adjacent to the theater at 6:30, with dessert served at intermission. A cash bar will also be available for patrons.

DuBois said that, now that theater has its restaurant license and an in-house chef, it will be offering more dinners and other epicurean opportunities to patrons in the summer months.

“That’s always been our goal. We will continue doing this for the summer. We will be offering dinners before the early show. We’ll run two shows a night in July and August, at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.,” she said. “And there’s always magic at the tables in the Parlour, which is a lot of fun.”

Davis and BuBois both said they hope the play will be the start of a bigger local theater presence in the beach area, and they encouraged locals to attend and support their efforts.

“We’re trying to establish something in this area that is not the Freeman Stage, of single acts but rather legitimate theater that we can bring down here. This is kind of a start in that direction,” said Davis. “The hope is that this will get some impetus for live theater in the Bethany area, which we don’t have. We don’t have a location. The Dickens Parlour Theater is fine, but it’s small. Hopefully, one of these days, we’ll be able to get some sort of theater company and get something in Bethany that will rival what is going on in Rehoboth, like Clear Space or Possum Point.”

“We encourage everyone to come out and support the effort and have a good evening. It’s a good time, and a lot of laughs.”

“I’m hoping all the locals come out and support the local playwright, as well as the actors and actresses. Hopefully, this is something we can continue to offer here, with local talent,” added DuBois.

For more information, or to reserve tickets, call (302) 829-1071 or visit www.dptmagic.com.