OV approves bids for salary study, paving work

Last week, the Ocean View Town Council held a special workshop to review and approve bids for an employee classification and compensation study.

The purpose of the study is to “analyze the duties and responsibilities of the town’s workforce; develop a town-wide classification system for its employees; develop a salary grade and range structure; and compare recommendations to neighboring municipalities and relevant businesses.”

New Town Manager Rick Konrad said the Town received a total of six responses to their bid request. Konrad said that, after reviewing all proposals and scoring each bid, he recommended council accept Hendricks and Associates Inc.’s proposal in the amount of $9,995.

“I’m familiar with Hendricks,” he noted. “I’ve seen two of their proposals in the past. They do a very good job. They’re very thorough, a very professional job. They’re in Washington, so not very far away. I think they have the expertise, and they definitely have the ability to do an excellent job on this very important compensation study.”

Councilman Tom Sheeran, who initially recommended a salary study of all town staff be conducted, agreed with Konrad’s recommendation.

“Having reviewed all six bids, I came up with Hendricks as well.”

The council approved the bid with a 4-0 vote.

The council this week also approved a bid by Asphalt Paving Systems for the Town’s 2012-fiscal-year street-rehabilitation project.

McMullen said the town engineer had reviewed the bid and found it to meet the specifications of the bid package.

Asphalt Paving Systems was the lowest bid, at $227,835.52, which exceeded the engineer’s estimate by 12.7 percent.

“The rationale behind that is because there are a number of cul-de-sacs included in the project,” explained McMullen. “We have $197,000 in the budget. Some of the existing streets proposed to be done will be removed to meet the budgetary line item.”

McMullen said that streets in Savannah’s Landing, along with streets north of Route 25 on Woodland Avenue, the Cottages, Betts Avenue, Canal Street, William Avenue and Thomas Lane, were some of the streets that would be included in the project.

“When we complete this portion of the project this year, we will have remaining, for the most part, Bear Trap next year, and Wedgefield and Avon Park the following year,” he added.

He also noted that the project is scheduled to begin after May 1.

“In doing that massive project… any estimation of an approximated finish date?” asked Sheeran.

“It’s a three-week project, weather permitting,” responded McMullen, “if it’s going to be that long.”

The council voted to accept Asphalt Paving Systems’ bid with a 4-0 vote.