Frankford receives bids for walking paths and basketball cour

The Frankford Town Council this week voted to approve a bid from a paving contractor for work on the walking paths and the new basketball court at the town park, though the project moving forward will depend on receipt of anticipated grant funding.

Councilman Charles Shelton asked if the basketball court was included in the actual bid, saying he wanted to make sure it was spelled out in “black and white.”

“Here, it says ‘future’ basketball court, but if it doesn’t say it in writing…” he said of the bid packet. “And we have to make sure they are all bidding on the same thing.”

Council members noted that they had received three bids: one for $17,000 from Isaac’s Paving, one for $36,700 from George & Lynch and a $57,000 bid from Paul’s Paving.

Town Clerk Terry Truitt said Kyle Gulbronson, the town’s engineering consultant, had looked at all three bids, and she said she would make sure the basketball court would be included in all of the bids. She also said that accepting any one of them would be contingent on them receiving their matching grant funds of $12,500.

Police Chief William Dudley reported on Monday that, “knock on wood,” major crime was down in the town, with 91 traffic arrests, four criminal arrests and 35 calls for service last month.

He did say there has been more activity in general in the town, since summer is on the horizon. “No news is good news, I guess,” he concluded.

The town council also decided to have Truitt get estimates for a possible town-wide trash pickup day in the fall. They also set a date for a town-wide yard sale for June 30.

The council on May 7 also adopted using county assessments for the next year’s tax bills, as they usually do, and set a date for a hearing on the proposed budget for the coming fiscal year, for Wednesday, June 6, at 7 p.m.

The next regular council meeting is set for Monday, June 4, at 7 p.m.

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