Seaquels settled in to new digs

When Kathy Green and Cindy Davis first teamed up to bring Seaquels to the Delaware shore, they had no idea of the success that was in store for the region’s first furniture consignment shop. Now, three years later, Seaquels has become a favorite among homeowners, real estate agents and visitors in the area, and with a larger, nearby location, they’re proving why more and more people are turning to consignments when it comes to outfitting their home.

Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark: Coastal Point • Seaquels moved mid-January to their new location on Town Rd., just behind their old store in Ocean View. The new location offers more show room space for consignment furniture and home decor.Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark
Coastal Point • Seaquels moved mid-January to their new location on Town Rd., just behind their old store in Ocean View. The new location offers more show room space for consignment furniture and home decor.

From indoor and outdoor furniture to artwork, lamps, mirrors, home decor and jewelry, Seaquels boasts everything you’d expect at a consignment shop, and much more. “We get a lot of first-time buyers stopping in,” said Green. “You never know what we’ll have or what you’ll find. Our frequent customers know that if they like something, they need to tag it before it’s gone. It’s definitely a fun, quirky way to do things.”

“There’s no guarantee,” said Daisy, “that something you see here today will be here tomorrow. When we first opened up, I think a lot of people weren’t exactly sure what consignment was. Now, people are eager to get some money back for their furniture, and I think a lot of people, whether coming in to purchase or getting rid of something, appreciate us being in the area.”

Since making the move to the new location in mid January, the owners of Seaquels have enjoyed the enlarged show room, which accommodates new and gently used pieces, representing a variety of tastes.

“We’re very selective in what we choose to bring to the store,” said Davis. “Customers will get clean, quality pieces that they know will be good buys for them.”

As the saying goes, one’s man consignment is another’s treasure. “A lot of people are happy to walk out of here with something that would likely be much more expensive if they went out to a furniture store and bought it brand new.” said Green.

Located just behind their former facility, the newly relocated consignment shop, situated at 4 Town Rd. in Ocean View, increased from 2,000-square feet to nearly 3,200 square feet, which has helped add to the collection of items available for purchase.

“Our first store, along [Route] 26 was wonderful,” noted Green. “It helped us get our name out there, but we outgrew our space very quickly. We knew we wanted to stay in the area, and we couldn’t be happier with the space we have now.”

Windows around the building help illuminate the floor and the items for sale. “We can move things around, easily,” said Davis. “The well-lit room gives customers the ability to see what they’re purchasing.”

“The space now is much more user-friendly,” Green added. “It’s a bright and happy place, and we really wanted to keep that ambiance. We’re providing everyone who walks through our door with a much more visual atmosphere.”

Nearly all of the merchandise on the floor at Seaquels comes from home owners, and almost everything is still in peak condition, according to the owners. “Sometimes,” said Davis, “people will buy a furnished house, but the things inside are just not their style. That furniture finds its way here, and when people come in for the first time, they’re initial reaction is ‘Wow!’ The store helps people redefine their own style.”

Seaquels got its start during the struggling market drop, but as customers grow more conscious of the idea of consignment, Davis noted that business isn’t faltering at all.

“Because of the economy over the last few years,” she said, “people understand the value of consignment. They realize that this is a place to furniture for good prices. They’re being resourceful and reusing items. They’re using their own talents to paint a piece of furniture. Nowadays, people are proud to get something in a consignment store.”

Seaquels’ new location is at 4 Town Road, beside World Gym in Ocean View. To access it, turn on Town Road, just west of the bridge on Route 26, leaving Bethany Beach. Follow the road around to the left and look for the pink peaks with the black starfish.

For more information, call them up at (302) 829-8636, or find them on Facebook. Currently, they are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but Seaquels will be open Thursdays through Mondays, starting Memorial Day weekend, and continue through the summer.