Fenwick Island to hold beach clean-up

Fenwick Island residents will come together this weekend to help clean the town’s beaches before the 2012 summer season kicks off.

“We have two beach clean-ups,” explained councilman Todd Smallwood. “We have one in the fall and it’s sponsored by DNREC and Coastal Clean Up. That’s a statewide event. Then somewhere along the line, I believe the Environmental Committee came up with the idea of having a beach clean up the weekend prior to Memorial Day to make sure our beaches were in good shape for the summer season.”

This particular clean-up will be less formal than the Coastal Clean Up every fall.

“We don’t really record what we find. In the fall, with Coastal Clean-Up, we record what type of debris is found. We won’t do that, it’s much more informal,” he said.

Smallwood said that because Fenwick’s beaches are the town’s most valuable assets, the town wants to ensure that they are in tiptop shape for summer visitors.

“It’s our number one attraction in Fenwick Island, and we really want to give a good impression to our visitors and renters in town. Not being a lot of folks down here in the wintertime, year round, there are times probably that stretches of beach don’t get seen at all during the winter months.”

According to Smallwood, the beaches won’t have a great deal of trash and the clean up should only take an hour.

“Believe it or not, our beaches aren’t that dirty. One of the main reasons too is, you get such a strong wind down here, and it kind of blows it clean,” he said, adding, “Fenwick runs from Atlantic Street to Lewes Street. We usually have at least four people per block, so it doesn’t take too long. We’re usually done by 10 o’clock.”

Many of the springtime clean-up participants are members of the Fenwick Island Society of Homeowners, but other residents help out as well.

“That society is the biggest participant, and folks from the council and other homeowners of course. We will probably get about 40 to 50 people participating,” he said.

The town will provide helpers with latex gloves and trash bags, as well as light breakfast refreshments. As an added incentive, Smallwood said the clean-up turns into a nice social gathering for residents who have been away from Fenwick in the winter months.

“It also turns into a social event. It’s kind of nice. You get to see everyone who comes down that you haven’t seen since last summer.”

Smallwood added that he thanks those who will be participating in advance for their service to the town.

“Thanks to everyone from the town for coming out and doing their part.”

Those interested in participating should meet at Dagsboro Street in Fenwick Island at 9 a.m. For more information, call town hall at (302) 539-3011 or visit www.fenwickisland.org.