Beach Cottage to hold annual Artisan Tent Show Saturday

Local artists will be out and about this weekend at the Beach Cottage near Bethany Beach, for the store’s annual Artisan Tent Show on June 23, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“It’s just a fun thing,” said Beach Cottage owner Carol Schneider. “It brings in a lot of people and showcases a lot of artists. There are some artists around that I think they got their start at my tent show. It was so good for them that now some of them are not always available to do my tent show. It’s just a great way to get people in and introduce them to our local artists.”

The show will feature more than a dozen artists selling their art and crafts under tents lining fence at Hickman’s Beach Plaza.

“People can just browse from vendor to vendor,” explained Schneider. “All the sales run through the shop. They’ll buy whatever they want from whichever artist, each one will give them a ticket and they’ll come inside eventually, pay for it and go back and collect their merchandise.”

Schneider said that this weekend’s show will feature a variety of different art for sale, ranging from soy candles to oil paintings.

“We will have Barbara Deitrick here — she does water colors and oils, originals and prints. My daughter Janna Schneider will be there with her underwater photography. We have a couple of jewelers, a couple of people who do handcrafted things like accent tables that would house your seashell collection and things like that,” she said.

“Lissy Chapman, she’ll paint on anything if it doesn’t move. She’ll have signs and great wall plaques that can be used indoors or out. Some of them are huge, and they’re seahorses or starfish or mermaids — very beachy.”

Over the years, Schneider said, the show has grown, along with her Rolodex of local artists.

“They’re pretty much well-received, and people look forward to them. We’ve had people and even artists call and ask about it. A lot of the time the artists find me, but sometimes I find them, whether it be through word of mouth or I see them somewhere. There are a lot of talented people here. It just blows my mind.”

She added that her show is just a small way to show support for local artists and that she believes art education is extremely important.

“It goes all the way down to the schools and art education. A lot of the artists here are backing art in the schools and doing their own things, like the Artists’ Studio Tour, I firmly believe in that. The group of artists I’ve met here are just wonderful, and they love showing their work and I love having them do it in my parking lot,” she said with a laugh.

Schneider said that if attendees do not find something they like at the tent show, the artists would certainly be interested in commissioned work.

“So many of these artists will do custom orders or special designs,” she explained. “If someone wants a portrait of their house or some commissioned art, they will do it. It’s kind of nice to meet the artist and actually talk to them and find out a little bit about them. And all of them are great about doing special orders.”

Schneider added that she hopes the show, like her store, will offer people the chance to purchase some great local artwork that is one of a kind.

“We always aim for the unique — not something you’re going to find on Garfield Parkway or the boardwalk.”

She added that she plans to hold another tent show the weekend before Labor Day and that she hopes that all the shows will be well attended

“The bigger and better they get, it gives us the incentive to plan more. I hope the weather will be good, and I hope everybody comes out to support our local artists, see their wonderful stuff and have a good time.”

Beach Cottage is located at 33012 Coastal Highway in Hickman’s Beach Plaza, just north of the Cottage Café, near Bethany Beach. For more information, call (302) 537-4777 or visit