Fenwick Island boat parade to make a statement

What’s the recipe for a good parade? Just add water!

And the Fenwick Island Yacht Club sends the usual landlocked spectacle out to sea each year with its annual boat parade, set to be held this year on Saturday, July 28.

“It’s just a fun thing we do,” said Gail Warburton, parade organizer. “We welcome people to come out and cheer us on, or come out and join us!”

There are some prizes for contestants, but the real purpose is simply to have fun. There is no charge to enter the parade.

To spice up the annual event, the club chooses different themes each year, with this year’s being the (United) States. People can decorate their boats to represent their favorite state, from a classic Delaware portrait to a floating Hawaiian paradise.

“You don’t have to go way out to enter,” said Warburton, describing the boat decorations. “It can be as simple or extravagant as people want.”

Any watercraft can participate in the parade, and mariners may pre-register until Tuesday, July 24. Past parades have included everything from kayaks and rowboats to Sailfish and pontoon boats.

“We had a whole fleet of kayaks one year,” Warburton recalled.

Boats will begin the procession at 5 p.m. at Seal Island in the Little Assawoman Bay and travel south. The parade will sail along the east side of Shultz Road toward Dagsboro Street; back out to the bayside of Shultz and through the larger canals toward Bayard Street; and west toward Harpoon Hanna’s. The entire event lasts around 90 minutes.

Landlubbers can watch the parade from the bayside restaurants, and some residents may even be able to see the parade from their own back yards.

To participate in the boat parade or learn more about Fenwick Island Yacht Club, contact Gail Warburton at (302) 539-6467.