Beebe works to grown list of insurers for walk-in clinic

Switching from a seasonal emergency room to a year-round non-emergency walk-in healthcare center has not been without some bumps in the road at Beebe Medical Center’s new walk-in facility in Millville.

The switch means the center is looked upon as a new facility the insurance companies, so there have been some changes impacting patients, explained Kelly Griffin of Beebe Medical Center, as not all insurance plans were immediately accepted at the time of the change. In fact, initially, patients were told BlueCross/BlueShield was the only insurer covering treatment at the center.

“Basically, we are adding insurance companies each week,” Griffin said. “We have been working for months to expand the range of carriers at the walk-in center.”

She said the insurance companies look at the center as a new facility with new providers, so they have to apply and negotiate with each insurer to offer coverage. She said it is a process they are still working through, adding new carriers each week.

In June, about 50 people attended an information session hosted by state Rep. Gerald Hocker (R-38th) and Sen. George Bunting (D-20th) to answer any questions people had about the new walk-in center in Millville, and the fact that there will no longer be a seasonal emergency center in operation at the location.

The center, located in Creekside Plaza, next to the Food Lion shopping center, will now be open year-round during the day for non-emergency medical needs, along the lines of issues a primary-care doctor would treat.

Griffin said they plan on being streamlined with the hospital on which plans they accept, although there still could be slight differences.

“Our intent is to be credentialed by all the insurers in the state that cover Beebe Medical Center,” she said of the Lewes hospital, “although some insurance companies do not cover walk-in care at any facility.”

In addition to a growing list of insurers, Griffin said they currently have the ability to take Visa, MasterCard and Discover for credit card payments and have been approved for electronically debited checks.

The center will be open seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Those summer hours will continue until Labor Day. Autumn hours will be determined by demand. No appointments are necessary.

Examples of the illnesses and health problems that will be appropriate for treatment in the Beebe Walk-in Center include those similar to what one would visit their primary-care doctor for: allergies; cough, cold, flu; upper respiratory infections; bronchitis; laryngitis; strep throat/sore throat; sinus infections; ear infections; swimmer’s ear; minor eye infections, pinkeye, sties and abrasions; bladder infections; sprains and strains; minor burns, cuts and simple lacerations; uncomplicated neck and back pain; incision and drainage; and simple splinting.

The telephone number at the Walk-in Center is (302) 541-4175.