Royal Farms sets up shop

Look no further, Dagsboro just landed a 24-hour Royal Farms convenience store.
“Right now we’re looking for communities that are in need of this type of establishment,” said Royal Farms public relations associate Karen McGagh.
Coastal Point • JOHN DENNY: Royal Farms is now open for business on Route 113.Coastal Point • JOHN DENNY:
Royal Farms is now open for business on Route 113.

“In need,” is to put it lightly. In 12 square miles there are only three 24 hour convenience stores the along Route 113. With gas prices steadily increasing, local residents want an accessible convenience store.

“It’s great to have a convenience store so close to my house,” said Millsboro native Iris McCabe.

“This is great! Finally I have someplace to get some food along my route,” said Chesapeake Rehabilitation tech Laura Laplante, as she transported a patient.

One unique thing that Royal Farms offers is its fried chicken. Royal Farms’ fried chicken is hand-breaded with special ingredients, and is always fresh.

“I love the food selection here at Royal Farms. They have great fried chicken here, which (another local convenience store) doesn’t offer, plus Royal Farms’ coffee is better too,” said Millsboro native Robert Hopkins.

The trick to the freshness of Royal Farms’ coffee is that they grind the coffee seconds before brewing to ensure maximum taste, according to the company. Their Café Royale coffee is brewed every 30 minutes to further guarantee customer satisfaction.

“Royal Farms is dedicated to customer service. That’s why we hire the best people. We want customers to value our company as much as we value them,” said McGagh. “We want to become part of their community.”

Royal Farms prides itself on hiring from within the company to reward hard workers. “We provide excellent entry level jobs, but are willing to allow any worker to advance as far up the ladder as they want to go,” said McGagh.

Not only does Royal Farms employ local citizens, but area vendors are also able to benefit from the new location.

“It’s great for business now that Royal Farms moved down here, and it won’t take away from any other business. In fact, it will keep everyone else honest by keeping the prices lower for both gas and food,” said Barcelona Snack Service vendor Brian Norman. “It is also good for the workers at the chicken plant because they can get a bite to eat after a long shift when almost everything else is closed.”