Lady Indians still defensive

They remain undefeated, and yet another shutout was pitched by the No. 10 Indian River girl’s varsity soccer team, in a 2-0 defeat of Seaford on April 26.
The shutout marks their sixth such win this season, while they have only allowed one goal in all the time.
Coastal Point • JOHN DENNY: A Lady Indian receives a pass during the game against Seaford on Tuesday, April 26.Coastal Point • JOHN DENNY:
A Lady Indian receives a pass during the game against Seaford on Tuesday, April 26.

“Bethany Beck made some great saves in this game. She came out of the box to stop a girl dead in her tracks with a slide tackle in the first half. She executed it exactly the way it is supposed to be done. She was determined at all costs,” said Head Coach Howard Gerken.

Beck was listed at having only four saves but each of the four could not have been more important. Two rifled Seaford shot attempts were corralled by Beck, in traffic, to prevent rebound shot attempts and clear her domain.

Beck had so few shot attempts (six) because of the Lady Indians’ swooping defense. Sophomore defender Kelly Jurusik routinely booted incoming soccer balls out of her zone while senior Stephanie Richter mopped up.

“Stephanie did a good job for us at the stopper-back. She covered up the slop,” said Gerken.

Richter and Jurusik’s effort didn’t go unmatched. Junior Ellen Dupont joined in the festivities, rejecting and redirecting Seaford shot attempts.

“Ellen has really adjusted well since moving from midfielder. She is so good you can put her anywhere,” said sophomore striker Danielle Hall.

Freshman defensive midfielder Marlena Schliefer danced around Seaford players to gather and dish passes, and start scoring opportunities.

The Lady Indians had 13 shots on goal and six corner kicks but their goals were driven by the wind and destiny.

Sophomore striker Molly Chamberlin scored the first goal for Indian River with 35:20 remaining in the second half. Chamberlin kicked the ball high from about 40 yards out, and when it landed it bounced just above Seaford goalie Tyneshia White’s head.

White jumped and reached with all her might for the sailing ball, but a strong southerly wind carried it in to break the gridlock.

Indian River’s second goal had similar circumstances.

Sophomore midfielder Emily Hendrickson laid the boot to a loose ball, kicking it far and high, to finally bounce over White’s head.

“We’re not going to be able to beat St. Thomas More at 7 (p.m.) if we play like we did tonight,” Gerken explained to his players after the game.

“St. Thomas More is an aggressive and physical team, and hopefully we can come back Thursday (April 28) to play a stronger game,” said Gerken.

Gerken explained his teams’ lackadaisical attitude during Seaford’s game by saying they were probably already looking ahead to St. Thomas More.

“We were a little sick and injured, but I think they were looking past Seaford and they brought it to us. They were more intense. But sometimes good teams have to win when they’re not having their best game,” said Gerken.

With the St. Thomas More games approaching, the Lady Indians have sharpened their focus on further solidifying their state ranking.

“Hopefully we can win the Southern Conference, but right now we’re just taking one game at a time,” said Hall.