Price tapped as the top Sussex County Democrat

Millville resident Shirley Price quietly reentered politics in recent weeks —– not as a challenger, but as an organizer. Price, a former state representative for the 38th District, has been selected as Chair for the Sussex County Democratic Party.

As such, she said she was presently engaged in preparations for the upcoming state convention (May 14, Sheraton Dover Hotel), where Democrats will polish up the party platform in anticipation of the 2006 campaigns.

“I haven’t been involved with this side of the political arena,” Price pointed out. “It’s fun.

“I like strategy, figuring out how to make things work, and we have a great group of volunteers here in Sussex County. I’m having a good time.”

She said she expected the party would be doing a little data gathering over the next year, studying any new issues that might have cropped up in the districts (there’s a Democratic committee for each representative district).

“We need to reach out, do a little surveying, find out what exactly the issues are countywide,” Price said. As she noted, growth and lack of infrastructure were sure to be up for discussion in coastal Sussex, but even in Seaford and Laurel, she suspected people might be starting to share those concerns.

Price said health insurance and jobs with livable wages would always be among the fundamental issues, although she expected top priorities might differ from district to district. “Democrats might be a bit more conservative on the west side, whereas we’re a bit more liberal here — I think we’re a great blend,” she said.

She fully expected the party to pony up candidates for every race next year. “If you want good debate, you need candidates,” Price stated. “And we have people who are willing to take on that task.”

For more information on the Democratic Party in Sussex County, call (800) 685-5544.