Post office to discuss expansion

U.S. Postal Service officials will hold a public forum on Thursday, June 16, to discuss the planning of a new, expanded Ocean View-Millville-Clarksville post office. The meeting will be at the Millville firehouse and start at 6:30 p.m.

The new facility could be upwards of 3 acres, or four times the size of the current building at 144 Atlantic Ave. in Ocean View, according to Postmaster Lucy Strauss.

“We’ve totally outgrown the building we’re in, in terms of function and customer service,” she said. “I’m very elated. I’ve been hoping for this for a long time.”

Talk of a fresh facility, according to Strauss, dates back to her arrival in Ocean View in 1998. The project was supposed to be completed two or three years later, but the $1.8 million required for construction fell through. The new design will cost considerably more.

“We do have the funding now, so that’s why we’re going ahead,” Strauss said.

While the postal service has not started scouting potential locations, Strauss said the “preferred area” has the following boundaries: Elliot Avenue, north; Canal Court, east; Central Avenue, south; and Route 26, west.