Local teacher branches out with book of Christian testimony

For middle-school teacher and reading specialist Carla Zeigler of Selbyville, writing a book about her life has been a long time coming. Always one to document what was going on around her, she would jot things down throughout her life — so much so that her mother would tell her, “You are like a walking storybook. You should write a book one day.” Zeigler said that, after her mother died, she did just that. Her book, “Uprooting Evil: Flirting with the Unknown,” is available now.

Coastal Point • Submitted : Carla Ziegler, of Selbyville, recently released her first book.Coastal Point • Submitted
Carla Ziegler, of Selbyville, recently released her first book.

“Mom died in 2010. To cope with that, it kind of hit me — that she would always say I should write a book, so I starting compiling all my journal entries. I sent it to tons of publishers and got word that Tate Publishing was interested.”

She said that, as a teacher, she has students who have been through “what I have been through and then some,” but in her role as a public-school teacher, she has to be careful about what she says to comfort them.

“I can’t say anything to them about prayer, and prayer is the only thing that got me through,” she emphasized. She said the book is a way she can relate and “talk” to former students who pick it up to read it.

“My heart is for the youth,” said Zeigler. “It’s really for young adults, but it’s mostly adults that have read it. And I hear from a lot of people that their story could maybe help somebody, too. Those skeletons in the closet — sometimes you have to let them out, and that could be the best thing ever.”

A commenter on Amazon.com agreed, saying, “Amazing testimony. Your willingness to be so transparent in today’s time is commendable. I hope your story inspires more people to be as ‘real’ and ‘open’ as you.”

Zeigler said she is asked time and again which church she goes to, because the book is as much about her Christian testimony about anything, but she said, “Truthfully, I haven’t been to church in about 10 years.”

“I have never said that publicly before, but church is anywhere you have a conversation about God. Just at the hairdresser this morning, we were talking about prayer and Jesus.”

Zeigler said her husband is a bartender and she has had the opportunity to talk about her book in bars — something that could be looked upon negatively or judged by some people, but she said she sees it in a different light.

“To me, it’s very different and fun — it’s really, really cool, if people are hearing about my book in a bar scene — and it talks about prayer and Jesus. I look at it like a ministry, and I look at it like it’s what God wants me to be doing.”

The “Uprooting Evil” is available on Amazon.com and at Barnes & Noble. People can also get it directly from the publisher, Tate Publishing at www.tatepublishing.com. In addition, Zeigler will be doing a book signing on Aug. 25 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Arena’s Café in Lewes.

For more information, visit www.uprootingevil.shutterfly.com or Facebook at facebook.com/uprootingevilflirtingwiththeunknown, or follow Zeigler on Twitter at @carleworld.